Unholy/Frost DK looking for 25M Raiding Guild

Hey guys, I'm Spêkle and I'm looking to join a 25 man raiding guild. I have a 389 IL and can pull some pretty decent dps for my gear. My main spec is Unholy but I am attempting to get some onehanders to also have Frost as Frost can pull more DPS on certain fights. I don't tank because one I don't like it and two I'm terrible at it. I have 3/8 heroic on my other toon and 7/8 regular on this toon with the only boss I haven't killed being Morchok which is very simple to do (regular or heroic) so no worries there. My gear isn't the greatest on account of I just starting playing on this toon again but my skills are solid and if you'll give me a chance can pull good DPS and I am willing to come any night (but on Tuesday and Wednesday I can only between 1-6:30 server time, any other night it is any time from 1-9:30 server). I also prefer 25 man raids over 10 man raids because they have more people running around which means they are more hectic without substantially adding or subtracting from the difficulty of the raid, 10 mans just seem to boring in comparison. Send me a message in game either through a private chat or mail me if I'm offline or appear AFK. Thanks!
Still no invites? :(
>you apply to guilds, guilds don't apply to you

2 empty glyph slots
1 unenchanted item
6 empty sockets in 4 items

also hiiiii @lotd

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