Warrior challenge mode gear.


It's not great, but it's not bad either.

Get rid of or reduce the size of the helmet horns and it'll be fine.
Looks good so far. The shape of the horns don't look right. Can't wait to see the shoulders.
I for one am tired of MMO's default male human model. It won't look anything like that on me.
Looks great I think, except it would appear the shoulder dev has gone on holidays. What is this tiny-faceless shoulders nonsense.
The only qualm i have with the set is that the horns seem a tad overkill.
I'd choose the second one. Ironman Samurai.
T14 looks way better.
The horns look silly, but that's ok, I can hide helms, and the red looks very nice.
not digging that helm at all... Givin' me nightmares of t-9

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