CelticxWarriors is Recruiting for DS10!

Earthen Ring
We are currently working on putting together a Dragon Soul 10 man raid team. CelticxWarriors is a friendly, mature-ish guild that is as drama free as possible. We are currently looking for 2 tanks (Dk and Warrior preferred), 1 healer and 1 DPS that can also heal if needed. No Rogues or hunters. Leave the drama at the launcher. 20k DPS and age 18+. Pst/Mail to Aridawn or Zuethor for Guild invite or apply on our site; celticxwarriors.guildportal.com
We are also looking to progress into Heroic and on to MoP. Can always use people that are willing to be alts to fill in if someone can't make it.
We are now just in need of one DPS. We are asking for No Rogues or hunters. If you want to join us be sure that you can commit to consistent attendance. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to join us.
Still in need of dps? I'm a Warrior who is looking for a 10 person team. What are your raid times?

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