Felsteel Longblade

Earthen Ring
Any blacksmithers hordeside have this pattern? Been looking for it to no avail. Hit me up here or in game if so, so we can work something out. Thanks!
I know of one, but due to the state of war between our factions, I can not assist you.

I would wish you luck save for the fact that I see these blades being used against my sisters.
There is an old saying Nerrok, "Coinage talks", Packhunter Enterprises is willing to sell products to the Horde via the goblin AH, at a higher price level naturally. Get in touch with me, and we'll talk numbers.
He asked for a "hordeside" blacksmith. Just saying.
nerrok let me know who made yours. i need to find some1 who can make it
Hmm. Maybe I should check this forum more often, been trying to sell one on the AH. But if you get the mats together, I can make it. : )

* Assuming you haven't already gotten one that is.
i would like to buy one if he doesnt buy it from you

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