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I have three characters which need naming. The names should be 2-3 syllables and at least loosely match the character's race. The characters are

A dwarf priest
A blood elf warlock
and a goblin shaman.

Funny and clever names are allowed too - as long as they still match up with the race of the character and are believable roleplay names.

Thanks for your help. :)
Dwarf= Healforbeer

Blood elf= Skullspells

Use the random name generator. If you cycle through it long enough you will find some pretty decent names.
I like Fearmyeyes' names, but if you want RP names:

Dwarf Male 1st name: Thagus, Gordon, Murdog
Dwarf Female 1st name: Helge, Krona, Furga
Dwarf Last names: Holyguzzler, Beerbeard, Lightale

Belf Male 1st name: Kalinor, Deloran, Kelminor
Belf Female 1st name: Ellanor, Sabreena, Delmay
Belf Last names: Felrider, Shadowblade, Demontreader

Goblin Male 1st name: Wayd, Krik, Zikle
Goblin Female 1st name: Zury, Rozza, Lyza
Goblin last name: Rockhead, Waterfuse, Firewheel

Hope this helps!

-Cannibal, the Barbarian of the Skies
Dwarf Female: Healga, Rokina, Vokena, Lylane, Thellyna, Pollona
Drawf Male: Funus, Fosur, Alberik, Rugnar, Regnus, Glognar

Bloodelf Female: Aldrina, Caliolith, Cyniel, Amarith
Blood elf Male: Aneng, Valith, Glaraldor, Isundir

Goblin Female: Merle, Zedna, Elette, Triggy, Widget, Nickle
Goblen Male: Grue, Beedle, Fizzle, Smeg, Gibspark, Feezle, Gezbek

Good luck, hope these help, or getcha on track!

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