Ways to get into RPing?

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I've always wanted to RP, ever since I joined WoW about three years ago but I don't know how to get into it. I have a character, a backstory and a pretty good understanding of how it works. But I don't know how to start.

First of all, you have to be on an rp server. If you are not, then you will be griefed and embarrassed at being laughed at.

Look at the stickies at top of the forums and then make sure you have at least one add on that helps you set up your character sheet. Either MyRolePlay, or TotalRolePlay.

One you have a character on a rp realm, the thing to do is wander around your capital city and start talking to people. Be careful you do not disrupt someones rp if they are actively engaged in something that looks like a private conversation. Look for someone who is flagged(the term for users of the addons so you can identify rpers easier). If a person's description says looking for contact, then you may approach them and start talking in /say. Even if it is a lone person walking around the city. Find something to say, be like you would be in ordinary life. Comment on the weather, the nice armor they have displayed, their mount, anything to brreak the ice.

It is a good thing to watch others rp and see how they do it. You can ask in whispers if you may join in. Be prepared for a no, some people do not want to be interrupted, others love it!
Maibrit, if you want to get into role playing, I can help you. Vasdrim gives some decent tips for doing so...but I think I can make the process faster and easier on you.

Roll up a character on Cenarion Circle, Alliance side specifically. Find me. I'll introduce you to the Cenarion Circle role playing community. We're the most welcoming bunch of people you're likely to find in game and we love helping people get started with role playing.

If you'd like to learn more about Cenarion Circle, check out this thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2369677639?page=1
If your looking for RP then it is probably best that you go on a RP dedicated server. I started RP on WoW through a PvE server though, tell you the truth. I met someone who enjoyed RP on my server, and as did I, so we did it secretly through party and such so other noobs who wouldn't even know what RP means don't get all curious and all. :P

But you'd be surprised how many people out there actually do it, I've found quite a lot on Saurfang. :D
Thank you very much for your responses. It is much appreciated.
In my opinion, its just getting out there and doing it. Pick the server you want to be on and hunt down the RPers. Some good fellow will be out there to RP with you.

Also, perserverance. If you're totally new, never before RPed in your life, some players will be put off by this, fearing you may be a troll. Unfortunately, its a common fear among RPers. No one wants to trolled. Bear this in mind. Keep trying too! Thats how I got into the Earthen Ring community the small amount I am. Don't get discouraged if you don't find anyone the first couple times you try, or if they're a bit rude or something. Also, learn to ignore griefers. They're out there somewhere...

Find the RP networks. The chat channels and the websites. Obviously there are people here who would be willing to talk to you about if you happened to be on and see them. I myself would be more than willing to help you out.

RP Guilds on RP servers are very useful. Lots of them require in-character interviews, so be prepared with a character backstory and a reason to join the guild. Look for the guilds that you feel best suit your interests. If you don't want full RP, look for a medium or light RP guild. If you're down for RPing all the time, look for heavy RP guilds.

And yes, definitely get an RP addon. Thats the fastest way for you to identify people who may be RPers.

A few good places to go for RP:
Earthen Ring: An RP server, and my home server. Visit www.earthenring.net for the RP website for the server. It lists events that you can show up at (but make sure they truly are public events before you go!) as well as all sorts of other helpful things for RPers
Cenarion Circle:Though I've never personally been there, it sounds like a nice place.
I'm certain the players on the circle would agree.
Wyrmrest Accord: Another great place for RP. I've been on Alliance side, and it was a blast. I enjoyed every minute of it.

A place NOT to go for RP is the Moon Guard server...its not really a great place from all the rumors I've heard...

Good luck!! Get out there and have a blast!
A place NOT to go for RP is the Moon Guard server...its not really a great place from all the rumors I've heard...


Who ever told you those rumors obviously stayed over night in GOLDSHIRE! *Mutters something under breath about 'people these days'....*

Moon Guard is still a good option, rumors or no, the RP community is still a great place for random and walk up RP, both Horde and Alliance.

What you DON'T want to do on Moon Guard, is go to GOLDSHIRE, that is the place where even Moon Guard it's self does not wish to tread, they avoid it like a plague, a dirty filthy plague. Don't ask why, but lets just say it's where we banish people who are idiotic or trolling.

Moon Guard in general is great, I still find awesome RP on the server, and as long as you don't go to Goldshire, you're good :D.

So I LAUGH on those rumors saying Moon Guard is a bad place!
Lol, I apologize for my opinion. But yeah, do what you want to do. Its only your decision how you go about it.
I'll stand by Goldshire, but then I'm partial to the trolling....

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