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Im currently looking for an active progressing raiding/social guild. I work swing shift so I'm usually on at 11:30-Midnight PST usually on till about 5am, and im off Tues/WED. Im currently 8/8 1h. Also im very interested in trying to get my daggers. I have Vent/TS and mumble. Im just looking for a cool relax crew to hang out with. Im 24 and very social and i love to have fun, im great at listing and workings as a team. Thanks!

The guild that i currently in is disorganized and we cant even find 10 dedicated guildy to run once a week, and if we do run its only for 2 hrs a week. Im very interested in looking for some dedicated people to run with.
Well our raid times are wed/thur/sun 9pm-12:30am which doesn't sound like they would work for you but if it did we don't currently have a rogue who is working on daggers so you would have a monopoly on the fragments.
still looking

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