8/8HM Holy Pally LFG late night

Guild Recruitment
Looking for late night guild preferably that starts around 12pm Est and I would like it to be horde.
If you would consider alliance, we are recruiting a Holy Pally. We raid 25m Tues/Wed/Thurs 10:30pm-2am PST (1:30-5am EST), check us out at Latecrew.net Thanks!

<Hostile Work Environment> is a level 25 guild, Core is a group of raiders who recently transferred to Illidan - Horde side . Unfortunately, not everyone was able to follow us to the new server so we are looking for a few members to even out our core raiding roster. We are raiding Thursday and Sunday nights at 11:00 PM CST (Server time) 12:00am EST until 2:00 AM CST, 3:00 AM EST. We are also looking for players who are looking to get MoP and want a stable guild with intentions of progressing to a 25 man guild.

What we are looking for:

1 Tank: DK/Paladin/Warrior
1 Healer: Pref Resto Druid or Holy Paladin or Priest*HIGH NEED*
1 Caster DPS: Pref Warlock or Boomkin

*We are always looking for exceptional players to add to our roster*

**We are also looking for a co raid leader. More info here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4661687561#1

About the server:

Illidan (PvP)
#1 Ranked US Server
Great AH economy
100:1 H/A Ratio
Always pugs looking for people at all hours of the day.
If your in Trade chat their will be a lot of spam.
It is a Central Standard Time server

What we expect from you:
Have completed 8/8 Normal DS non Raid finder, 2/8 HM DS
Have a minimum Item level of 390+
Have mumble installed and know how to use it (If not goto mumble.sourceforge.net)
Have a working mic
Be 18 years of age or older

If interested contact me either by in game mail or real ID @ mlester@ramapo.edu. Applications to the guild can be found on our website at http://hweguild.guildlaunch.com

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