Weekly Heroic Firelands Clears!

Hey Kil'jaeden! The names Atavism. Myself, as well as my guild <Attorney at Law>, are new to the server.

A few guildmates of mine share the desire to clear 7/7 HM Firelands weekly on 10man to obtain mounts/achieves/etc.

We are specifically looking for other like-minded players that have the desire to obtain:

- 7/7 HM clears
- Achievements that go along with a full heroic clear
- Mount achievements
- 'Firelord' Titles
- Guaranteed Rag mount drops
- Legendary Staff progression
- Alysrazor mount
- Gear (for actual use or xmog)

Myself and Dangerdòóm will be heading the raid. We both obtained our Heroic Rag achieves prior to 4.3, so we are very knowledgeable of the mechanics and what it takes to do a 7/7 HM clear.

If of the above stated reasons to do a 7/7 HM clear of Firelands interests you then please read the following requirements:

- Atleast 6/7 HM kills on the toon that you wish to bring. (Prefer 7/7)
- A good attitude.
- Patience
- Vent
- Properly geared for the content: 390+ ilvl **NO PVP GEAR**
- Properly gemmed/enchanted
- Willing to bring your own flasks/food

If you can meet all of these requirements please feel free to leave a message here or contact myself or Dangerdòóm ingame for more info. If you cannot meet one or more of these requirements, yet you feel like you could be an asset to the group, please feel free to still contact us. We want this to be a weekly run as to guarantee everyone gets what they want from Firelands. Times are TBD, we need to know what times are good for YOU.

As a final note, nothing will be on reserve. This includes weapons/BoE's/plans/mounts/etc.

Another final final note:
As I've said before, I really want this to be a weekly thing until all those that are involved are satisfied with what they have received. If you commit to the run myself, and those running it, expect you to stay involved and part of the group. This means even if you get your firehawk on the first run, you're expected to stay in and help. Now I can't force you to stay, and there won't be any repercussions from it, except you'll be on my personal !@#$-list. That means you'll never be included in any subsequent runs afterwards, which would be a shame. Also, let me know how open you guys are to a 25man instead of 10man.

Also!!!! If you think you know the HM rag fight, go over it again! Vodka has some great videos, albeit a bit outdated because of nerfs. Rag is still a very demanding fight! So be prepared. Tentative times:
Thursdays: 7pm - 10 pm EST w/ overflow Friday: 7pm - ???

Yours truly,
- Firelord Atavism
Good Morning Starshine! The Earth says....Hello!
Shame this isn't alliance, I'd have gone to jump into the mount line :(
04/23/2012 03:27 AMPosted by Idontbuffdks
theres 1 problem...your ilvl isn't 390+

My main spec is ret, which is 394 equip ilvl. But thanks for the concern :D

04/23/2012 06:16 AMPosted by Eternos
Shame this isn't alliance, I'd have gone to jump into the mount line :(

There's always the ability to faction change!
@Descending, you're on my list of those that want to attend! I'll post some tentative times later on this week.

@Kenkaku, could you do me a favor and post/pm me the name of your hunter so that I can inspect it? Thanks in advance.
I'd like to come on either this character (395 blood), or my mage Holocast (390 fire.)
I only have 5/7H, but that's because finding a group to pug H Baleroc is more trouble than it's worth.
I'm game for this as well. I bring to the table a 404 Holy Pally which I play myself. If I go, I desire to bring my girlfriend as well, 398 SV Hunter and possibly a 403 Blood DK friend if he transfers.

We are all 6/7 Heroic
With all the responses I've been getting from both here and ingame I might have to make it a 25man.

So far:

Atleast 4 tanks that meet the reqs want to attend.
A few range dps (no casters) have shown interest
Multiple heals as well.

Still looking for caster dps (BOOMKINS), melee dps, and more heals.

<Attorney at Law> can fill some spots as well, so don't fret!

Stay tuned for some tentative times!
I have a 397 Disc/Shadow Priest as well as a 401 Fire Mage if interested add me in game and let me know.
**Edit+** Between the two characters I am 5/7 HM minus Hdomo which is uber easy. I know all the fights though.
Hi, I would very much like to attend, Ive been looking for a steady 7/7 HM run for some time. I have 3 toons that are all more than capable and meet your requirements.

This toon of course MS Shadow OS Disc, definitely prefer DPSing though.
My Mage: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kiljaeden/Lowvie/simple
My Rogue: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackhand/Lowveezy/simple

Atm I havent seen anything said about the legendary quest items, I've very much like to obtain a legendary on at least 1 of toons, preferably my mage who I mained at the beginning of the expansion and whom I most likely will do the same with for MoP.
I hope it's obvious that I'm on board for this. Any spec.
I'm interested in joining I have done 6/7hm before on all my toons and watch the heroic rag fight, im usually good Thursday night, Friday night after 7pm and pretty much sat/sun anytime before 7pm but send me in game mail or talk with me thanks a lot :)

Shame this isn't alliance, I'd have gone to jump into the mount line :(

There's always the ability to faction change!

I will take it under advisement!
@Bearsmith: Of course.

@Holyshaman: Not sure which I would need more, but not having hDomo down shouldn't be an issue.

@Lowvie: Any of your toons would most likely be welcome to come, I'll let you know either ingame or here which is more needed. (I'll try to make it your mage)

@Nelltu: Your hunter definitely checks out, let me know what else you could bring to the table.

Also, everyone please check the OP that I made. Did some minor revisions and added answers to some issues that have arised.
Cant do the raid times you have up atm. I raid T-Th 7-10 server. So weekends are solid for me.

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