Weekly Heroic Firelands Clears!

Hey just checking the status on the run as I am very interested.
Used to run 7/7 H FL on my old server, then when the tanks/healers got their mounts ... they stopped showing up.
I have a ilvl 400 Shadow who is on the last stage for Staff (28 more). I would like to bring that this week (maybe today?) to help clear FL and to finish my staff.
Next week and on, I can bring my Balance/Feral/Resto (Order of knowledge of FL on) to help out, or just the same priest. I do have other 7/7 H capable characters except this Paladin, to help with.
Let me know! Thanks.
Also should be online on Kel or Kelbear at around 415pm ST (So a bit late of your suggested run time)
396 Boomkin, currently 16/25 embers. Have firelord on this toon, and know all the fights on heroic. Really looking to try and complete my legendary on here with some ample time before mists! If I still need to show the first 6 on heroic I'll look for a pug this week.
I would love to bring this toon. Currently in PvP gear but my PvE gear is 399.

Have 6/7HM and on Delegation for the staff. Let me know in game or through the forums.
I would love to bring this toon along to your raid it's a 401ilvl Ret Pally, unfortunatly i'm not 6/7h due to the fact nobody wants to do it with me. I have expierience on H rag and am willing to learn the other fights. I would consistantly show up if I can make the times you pick. I want to do this because i'm mount hungry and i want that shiny bird.
I will add you in game to see if this run is still going and to see if your able to take me.
404ilvl equipped have 6/7heroic achievements and exp at the fight.very interested also alrdy have a 6/7heroic clear saved if you wanted to go that direction.
doesnt mean they arent still doin em and if it annoys you then dont read it or waste our time with your post.
406E orange stick
6/7H experienced with P4 experience
can do traps if needed
times are great for me, cept I couldnt make the friday times, if they went wed-thurs I could
I have 2-3 alts I can bring for clearing, or if people stop showing up after the 1st kill
Not really interested in the mount, just the title, and the alys achieve, but im not a douche thats gonna bail after the first week lol.

I actually have access to a H rag lockout this week, have a couple guildies interested, get at me in-game if interested in it, or if youd like my dps. thanks
i am very interested in it i too also have the heroic rag lockout so ill hit you up later this evening after work.i too also would devote to a 10 week farm and have a couple people that would be interested as well.
04/23/2012 06:16 AMPosted by Eternos
Shame this isn't alliance, I'd have gone to jump into the mount line :(

I'd like to get a weekly raid going for H FL 7/7 clear for alliance side. I'll get something going this week. I want a Firelord Title. Sorry Attorney at Law I am preventing Alliance from faction changing ;)

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