<Cross> is back as a full PVP guild

04/24/2012 05:37 AMPosted by Consistance

This is correct.

"If you took a screenshot WHEN there was 40 of them I would believe that, but I am in that screenshot and there was 10 at that time."
10 at that time.
at that time.
that time.

Uhuh i think i'll stick with what Shirwin has to say about it.

Because saying 10 is much more of an exaggeration than saying 40+.
One thing, kick Equinöx
04/24/2012 06:20 AMPosted by Akalios
One thing, kick Equinöx

what did he do?
For the record... your 30 man peak time, is our "Everyones asleep, nothing to do now" time.

This is while weeding out the 'bafoons'

General %%%@head in a pug run, calling everyone !@#$ and how he is going to carry
6 empty glyph slots
8 unenchanted items
Missing Ebonsteel Belt Buckle

He kind of has a point if he was directing at you.

We also run casual DS 10 mainly for pvp'ers to get trinkets and legendaries.
currently needing 1 DK MT for the main grp (4/8HM)
and 2 Tanks + 1 OS heal for alt grp (8/8 normal farming every wk)
But Jovie, you Wub'd Splinter

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