Beautîful Reign Guild Re-invites

Shattered Hand
As I'm sure some of you guys will have noticed anyone under the rank of officer was kicked from BR on Monday afternoon, about 900 people in total...
This was not intentional and was done out of spite by a disgruntled member who had been chastised over the weekend for posting hate speech in guild chat.

If you are one of those people rest assured you are welcome back anytime.

For invites please message me or any other member, I will try to be online as much as possible over the next couple days to help facilitate.

For those concerned about the loss of guild rep I have been assured that it does not get reset to 0 if you re-join without joining another guild first.

See you guys/gals in game,
He did them a favor imo..
Not mean to be sound rude but didnt that happen second time? What's happening? O_o
This guilds legit, level 25, free repairs, free glyphs in the bank. I really enjoyed leveling my alliance alt in BR.
Did anything happen with the horde side after the Ally side exodus?

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