~Celestial~ 0 MMR to Hero of the Horde RBG's!

~Celestial~ This is for all of you, whether you are a skilled pvper that has a bunch of pvp/arena exp but can't get into RBG's because you have no rating or achievements, or you've previously been High Warlord or Hero of the Horde! We are going to be running RBG's @ multiple different MMRs ranging from 0 up to Hero of the Horde. My aim is to get enough interest & people into the guild that we can run RBG's every night, or even 15 hours a day if we can get enough people online at certain times.

There are no requirements as such, but you MUST be at least full 390+ honor gear, 4.3k+ Resil & fully gemmed & enchanted properly.

PST me in game for invite/more info.

Since there will be no replys, please post for bump every once in a while <3
This character has failed the audit!
Thanks for the bumpp, & it was a chimera's eye because of a new peice i got an 4am one morning >.< fixed! lol
Hey we talked earlier. Just posting on your thread!
Also talked earlier, the people I have gathered thus far are

Fattguyy.....Ele/Resto (Still need to grind a couple more 390 pieces)
Flyguyy "Hero of the Horde" (Prot/Arms Warrior) or He also has a Resto Druid
Frostguyy.....DK think he is currently at ~1600 cr
Hardguyy.....Ret/Holy Pally but prefers Ret, Full Ret set 1700 cr

More than likely can get a couple more once a schedule is known. Once you get a schedule going let us know and we will try to be on to help out. Look forward to having some fun
Bumping for me and my buddies...

We spoke today so you KNOW I'm down.

Hit me up anytime!
Id Deff be down im fully enchanted/gemmed and 390+Ilvl Am also on lot Cross realm tho
I am down to run on either my warlock (Play) (alt 0224 for the "a") 4.6k resil or my feral druid (tooks) 4.5k resil

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