Blood Elf Hunter Names?

Been trying to think of something for awhile but can't find anything that isn't taken and can't think of anything original.. Anyone have ideas? Something Greek mythology related would be cool
if it's female go with artemis if it's male apollo the reasoning is artemis is the goddess of the hunt the moon and fertility and apollo is her twin brother though he is the god of the sun and music the link is there
04/24/2012 08:21 PMPosted by Dhfijhgky

hahahahaha can't stop laughing soo funny!love it!

BE - Blood elf
ter - Hunter (last 3 letters)

Idk just made up then
Epirus, as in the Epirus bow.
yes, i know its not really tied to greek mythology. But seeing as its less common than apollo or artemis you'll probably have better luck. Immortals was a good movie at the very least.
new name! Chafe
Bowme, Thisbows, snowbowed, beauxflex,

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