[H]<Detrimentum> 10m (6/8H) LF Healer

Area 52
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Detrimentum is currently looking to fill its core 10m raid team. We are currently in need of the classes and specs listed below. Raid times are T/TH 9:15pm - 1am .

Please have a 395+ ilevel and knowledge of all the fights. This group will be focused on progressing through heroic content. Currently we are 6/8H and progressing on Spine.

I am raiding on my pally Faowar for this group.

All the typical perks apply.

If interested either post here or contact me in game on Snoogans or Faowar.


Tanks: FULL

Melee Dps: FULL

Ranged Dps: FULL

Healers: 1 (Ranged DPS OS required)
- Priest
- Shaman

Any capable raiders still are welcome to apply as we go through tryouts for the main team.

- Snoogans
Bump for good raiders!
Bumpity Bump bump bump
Still looking for that one sexy resto shaman. Preferably with an amazing elemental off set.

Have a deep understanding of your class and spec. Show up (on time) and be ready to play.
Our group is full of adult raiders, so come on down and play with mature, progression minded players. Contact myself or Snoogans for further information! We look forward to raiding with you!
This group is starting tonight so if any Resto Shamans with a good Ele offspec have any interest, now is the time. We will be attempting 3/8H. Only folks with interest in joining the group and guild please :)
Bump for a Warlock
Bump for good raiders.
bump for tonights raid!
Bump for new recruitment needs :)
Just need 3 more people, group is looking SOLID so far
Still looking for a few more to finalize the group
Just filled the last healer spot, group is looking great!
Bump to fill that FINAL spot!

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