LFM Sinestra - 'Dragonslayer' title

I'm setting up a fixed group to get that achievement + title.

The few people I have with me at the moment (myself included) have extensive experience in this fight, but as anyone who has done (or tried) this before already knows, you can't do it unless EVERYONE knows exactly what to do, and does so as close to perfect as possible.

That being said, we're looking for players experienced in the Heroic Mode of 'The Bastion of Twilight'.

Everyone who applies must know the entire fight (mechanics, abilities, adds, etc) and also must watch AND understand what to do with the 'Twilight Slicer' in this video:


After we have a full group, and set a date, if we do not have a lockout already at Sinestra, we will do the following bosses in these modes:

-Halfus HEROIC;
-Valiona & Theralion NORMAL;
-Ascendant Council NORMAL;
-Cho'gall HEROIC

Remember that the whole point here is to get to Sinestra as fast as possible, and that is why we're skipping 2 bosses on Normal mode. In case there's doubt, I've done exactly this and it worked, we killed Heroic Cho'gall and got the entrance to Sinestra. So there's no need to do all bosses on Heroic mode.

Keep in mind that we will not take people with bad raiding experience, and everyone must also be properly enchanted/gemmed/reforged. We're also only taking people with 385+ iLvl. Cross realm toons are welcome!Respond to this thread or contact Telpërien and Eltae ingame @ Illidan for more information.
well geared fury warrior would be glad to help you guys get H sinestra, i think the dragonslayer title is one of the dopest titles in-game and would love to have it, if you are still planning on seting this run up and are in need of a dps contact me in game on real id (stinkynightelf00@yahoo.com) or just repost on this forum.
ilvl 398 unholy dk dps at your service also willing to come for Sinestra fight
Contact me
I understand the fight and have attempted it on my mage a couple of times. I'd be down, just let me kknow a good day. I have a 396 MS warr or a 392 Fire mage.
Im down..... 404 ilvl feral dps with sinestra lockout
405 Ilvl Spriest with full knowledge of the entire fight (its hard to have two people strafe to the left and mass dispel when called...). I'd love to get in on this.
Okay, I'm setting up this run for next Sunday, 29th @ 8pm ILLIDAN server time (6pm Pacific Time).

If you're interested, add me on Real ID ( FILIPPINI.ROMULUS@HOTMAIL.COM ) or send me a mail (Just Ctrl+C-Ctrl+V my name on the post here if you can't make the 'ë') in game.


We're not getting out of that instance without the kill, so MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SPARE TIME for the run.

As soon as I get confirmations, I'll setup a Roster for the run in this thread. At the moment, all spots are open, except for 1 tank and 1 rDPS.
400 ilvl legendary spriest. Experienced into phase 3. tomcooper412@hotmail.com for realid
398 Blood DK, phase 3 experience on this guy, have the achieve on my SPriest. Wouldn't mind being a Dragonslayer twice over. Can check my achieves, I'm no slouch when it comes to tanking heroic fights, T9-T13. Can look me up if interested.
i'd be willing to help. ive got extensive experience into p3 just didn't get her down, and i know how those damn cutters work. just repost in this thread if you're interested in me helping
I already have this achieve but would be willing to come and help on a character. I have 402 Enh shaman, 397 Prot war, and a 395 disc priest.
I heard this kid has led a Sinestra run before to p3 at 40% Ret or Hpall :)...I don't die to cutters.
Alright, we're sending In game Mails to everyone so you can confirm you can show up and will have time on Sunday's Sinestra run. I need you all to confirm that until Friday morning, maximum. We won't be able to guarantee any spots after that.
So far we've got these people chosen for each spot (Everyone in this roster have already confirmed they ARE coming.

Tank: Telpërien (Blood)
Tank: Icedemon @ Cho'gall (Prot)
Healer: Xanastus (Holy)
Healer: "Electrocutïe" - Winnieraven @ Mal'Ganis (Discipline)
DPS: Eltae (Shadow)
DPS: Deathnero (Unholy)
DPS: Soulghast (Shadow)
DPS: Ib @ Rivendare (Shadow)
DPS: Bombard @ Azralon (Fire)


We need more Healers (preferably MS) who can succesfully deal with WRACK and also manage healing cooldowns for each Flame Breath on P3.
Roster updated -- 4/25 1pm Illidan ST
Roster updated -- 4/25 @ 2:10pm Illidan ST
Roster updated -- 4/25 @ 2:28pm Illidan ST

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