Ajantis sales thread

Just to make this clear, if i have the madness achieve. i only need to pay 40k for a perspective piece of loot? what if it doesnt drop, can i come back next week?

If you already have the kill achievement and your after a single piece of loot from Madness, it's 40k.

If no kill achievement before hand you'll have to pay for that achievement also as its comes from been within the raid to be eligible for the item.

But since you already have the kill, it is 40k for the item.

If it doesn't drop the first time around, you will be brought in again in the next appropriate lock out.
Tal you cheeky bugger.
Also Scharla u so bad.
Grats on your Kiril, Fury of Beasts Greggy.

Thanks for coming along and been a great sport, we hope you had a good time.
04/25/2012 09:49 AMPosted by Carriedexdee
Wtb healing mace.

Another 5 weeks at best, lets all hope the drop chances are fantastic within then.
There have been some inquiries about Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

We have 2 raiders that still need it, then it will become available for sale.

40k if the toon you are buying it on has heroic madness kill.
04/24/2012 07:32 AMPosted by Mushin
The safe assumption would be that all current 100% mount drops will be 1% in MOP, same as the 100% mount drops (mim's head and invincible) were changed to 1% when cata hit.

To be fair blizzard has changed enough over the past expac to assume they won't remove anything.
It's stocktake time, we need to clear the floor.
Bump for more buyers.
So is there a price for full T11 heroics for transmog or whould you have to pay per achievement/run?
04/28/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Snaffex
So is there a price for full T11 heroics for transmog or whould you have to pay per achievement/run?

per achievement if you dont have them already. Also dont think we're selling loot for T11, as its a run on demand only (i.e. not a weekly run)

Of course you can consider buy a full run and all loots are yours (of which you can use)
Those trolls... I have to admit I had a chuckle, I felt bad when we took 4 pulls to sort it out with 9 people while asking for gold, anymore must have been painful.

Not that it will make them go away, but you should stop seeing the IAC tag on any antagonists sooner than later. Sorry I was not able to do more about it.

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