[H] Ascent 8/8H-25 LF HoPal/DK/ShP/Mage mists

Bump for Ascent Stock doubling my money
Bump with application link
I may apply depending on my class schedule. I have all of those classes at 85 and always try for server first. I took a lot of cata off after the first few months but at this time heroic rag and a few heroic bosses in DS are the only things I have not killed :D

Hey Glayde. ;O

Looking for a good holy paladin.
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Cross-realm bump!
OMG farmer!! Are you back playing? how about lascha? And I was wondering if this thread is up to date about recruitment needs?
It's somewhat up to date. Immediate needs are shadow priest, possibly a holy paladin, and a deathknight.
Hey, I posted an app. Thought I would bump this page while I am here...

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