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Bug Report
Level 25 Male Goblin Hunter
Server: Quel'Thalas
Area: Azshara - Northern Barrens

I have the same issue, Brutusk will not stop watering the bushes.
Still watering the bushes for me too. Turned in a ticket and got the same insulting reply. Very bad customer relations Blizzard! Shame on you!
I have an orc warrior alt and I am stuck here. and reading this thread I feel i wasted my money on this game (played for long time) makes not want to get involved any more with Blizzard AT ALL!!
05/28/2012 06:11 PMPosted by Wargonna
Got the "cannot give in-game hints" response aswell. along with a "sorry we took so long to respond but we are overwelmed with d3 and srcoll buisness"... *sigh. I did find an alliance toon to kill the npc's for me, was happy to see the koda no longer had to pee... now i am stuck 100 yards down the road..... Any fresh ideas... tried all the ones here and on wowhead.
Got it to work finally!! abandoned quest, logged, turned of all add ons, logged in, stripped naked, no pet or buffs, accepted quest and he actually went to the end no prob.

To everyone who is bugged with this quest, I tried for about 30 minutes trying everything. This way actually got the quest to work for me though. I just relogged, turned off all addons, and stripped naked and the quest worked. Hope this works for everyone.
This bug is still not fixed. It's happening now on Chromaggus.
Still not fixed on Earthen Ring either. Happening again right now.
Confirming on Garrosh (US), been sitting in Mor'Shan with this toon since yesterday night trying to get Kadrak to let me get onto that incontinent kodo.

The irony is that I completed this very quest no problem yesterday on a different Horde toon on the same server ... but this guy gets the cold shoulder, complete with kodo urine.
They know about the bug, file a ticket (make sure you Open a Ticket and not Submit a Bug) and wait a half hour or so. Because this is a known issue Customer service will move you forward to the next part of the questline (they will ask you to log out if you aren't already and you will log back in on top of Brundek outside of Splinter Tree Post.) None of the other "fixes" listed here have worked or were accessible for me to try (no ally tunes on this server).
I have a ticket waiting for reply (been about half a day now, those GMs must be swamped with the latest patch).

I have tried asking around for any bored ally alts to trounce Kadrak into some semblance of common sense. Looks like I'll just have to wait for the ticket queue to pop. :|
still bugged to hell, and its 2013!!
This quest is still bugged, but submitting a ticket to get help from a GM is now helpful, as they will ask you to log out and give you the ability to complete the quest when you switch back to the character that you were doing the quest on. Hopefully they fix this soon -- It's been over a year though.
same problem happening today. opened a ticket, and it was taken care of within 90 minutes (despite ticket response time stated at 1day 5hrs on a Friday night)

in-game GM was upbeat and very courteous, and i felt almost ashamed at the rage i had when initially opening the ticket.

hopefully the coders can catch up to fixing this quest, so we can lay off on the GM tickets :)

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