whats raids can i solo?

Death Knight
hello there, im in need of money for my final flying training, and i was wondering what raids/dungeons are good for gold. i did molten core last night and am waiting for the reset so i need something to do
i easily solo'd the trash and first boss of ICC, which gives a decent amount of gold.

Kara is easily solo'd up to the chess event, AQ40 can be solo'd easily up to the twin boss.

Pretty much any lvl 60 raid can be done in any spec, level 70 may require blood, level 80 requires decent blood spec, and some 85 content requires Blood soloing techniques.
Go mine in Twilight Highlands between random data dungeon queues. That ia a faster way to make gold than any raid.

You can solo AQ20, Matheridon, Gruuls Lair, The Eye and SSC except the final bosses.
thank you :)
You can solo kara chess event as well
You can solo Kael'thas
Since 4.2 maybe 4.3 you can now move with the core in the Vashj fight, making her soloable as well. (I have not independently confirmed, but that's what I've been told)

That being said, You need gold for lots of things. Go mine. LOTS Soloing, especially the type of soloing you need to do to generate good gold, is going to take wipes to learn.

I routinely solo

MC AQ10, AQ40, Kara, Mags, Gruuls, TK, SSC (not vashj. will be trying that soon), Mount Hyjal, Naxxramas, Uld10, Lord Marrowgar, Arhcavon, Emalon, Koralon, Lady Deathwhisper, all cata leveling dungeons.

without much trouble, but some of those fights took a lot of work to get right.

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