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Wyrmrest Accord
The Silver Circle is a story-driven role play guild on Wyrmrest Accord. If you enjoy quality, story-driven role play with a focus on character development, then the Silver Circle may be the guild for you.

The guild's role play centers around the ongoing story of a small group of houses native to the lands of Northern Lordaeron. Joined by marriage or oath during the years that preceded the settlement of the disenfranchised Lords of Strom and the founding of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, this is the story of their struggle to rebuild in the aftermath of the Kingdom's destruction, forge new alliances, vanquish the forsaken that lay claim to their lands and give their people a brighter future.

* To rebuild and resettle our lands in the north.
* To expand our holdings by purchasing land on both continents.
* To build a military force capable of defending our lands and our people.
* To prove our worth as valued members of the Grand Alliance.
* To shelter those who have been ravaged by the forsaken and the scourge.

The Silver Circle was originally formed by a group of six northern houses (Madoran, Blackmorn, Cassel, Thorne, Tolvan and Bartell) who united with the sole purpose of defending their land and people from all threats. When the disenfranchised Lords of Strom settled the region and the Kingdom of Lordaeron was founded, these houses bent a knee to the Menethils and fought to keep the King's peace for many years to come.

Since the fall of house Madoran, house Blackmorn has become the ruling house and has formally allied itself with Stormwind and the Grand Alliance, thus ensuring a brighter future for the Silver Circle.

What to expect:
* Heavy political drama (Marriages arranged for political gain, houses working to out-maneuver each other, assassinations, scandals, etc. Fun times!)

* Dark and tragic storylines where no character is ever truly safe.

* An environment where IC loyalty is rewarded. (This also applies to non-guilded allies)

* RP that takes places outside the major cities. We create RP hubs wherever we go, be it Northrend, Darkshire, Lakeshire or even the middle of the Tanari desert.

* Storylines that go on for months at a time, taking your characters to various locations throughout Azeroth.

* Large-scale battles done via DMed combat. (We don't do this often, but when we do, these events are a blast.)

* A place for people who enjoy well-written characters with depth. (And like to torture them through a series of unfortunate events...)

If you are a fan of George R.R. Martin and his style of writing, you will no doubt enjoy the dark and often tragic stories of the Silver Circle and its members.

The Silver Circle is a small group of mature players who enjoy quality, story-driven roleplay. We would be considered a heavy RP guild, as we remain IC nearly 100% of the time. We may do heroics and battlegrounds together, and we may even do some end-game content, but we are a roleplaying guild first and foremost. Non-roleplayers will not be considered for membership. We consider ourselves a small, albeit slightly dysfunctional family and we will always remain that way through careful selection of members.

We offer:

* A fully stocked guild bank
* Paid repairs
* Guild Ventrilo server
* Old world raids once a week for RP items

Officers: Darion and Victoriea

Website: http://silvercircle.shivtr.com/

Please be sure to visit our website for answers to most questions about the guild and its role play.
Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to <House Blackmorn> and <House Ravenwood> Didn't TSC disband?
No. TSC never disbanded. We had considered splitting those two houses off into their own guilds, but leveling a guild (especially a role play guild) is slow going and now that we have removed those members who were responsible for creating the IC and OOC issues that threatened to tear the guild apart, we see no need to have more than one guild. We do have two IC allies, <The Council of Cognition> and <The Deliverance Accord> who we will be working on future storylines with.

Where is house Madoran?
House Madoran has fallen. With the IC death of Lord Madoran and his wife's disappearance, the house was utterly devastated. Many of its Knights and soldiers joined in a rebellion against house Blackmorn and were slain during the retaking of Rosegarde.

How large is your guild and what time does the RP usually take place?
We are a small guild that values quality over quantity. As a late night guild, our usual hours of play are between 7pm realm time and onward into the early morning hours.

Where is the majority of your RP located?
The majority of the guild's RP currently takes place in Stormwind, Duskwood, and the plaguelands. Our current storyline has us at Theramore Isle.

What type of guild is The Silver Circle?
We are a Heavy Role play guild with a focus on character development through ongoing role play. We occasionally do PvE and PvP content, but our primary focus will always be on quality roleplay.

What is your alt policy?
You are allowed to bring in IC alts with a separate application provided that your main is in good standing by being an active participant in RP events or contributing to the guild through other means. We will no longer be accepting OOC alts.

What requirements do you have for joining?
We look for experienced roleplayers who understand and enjoy story-driven roleplay that mostly takes place outside the major cities. We do not accept members under the age of 18 due to the content of some of our stories and the fact that we wish to maintain a mature and drama-free atmosphere. We do not want your rarely played alts, so please do not apply on a character you do not play often. Your character must be level 40 or higher (65 or higher for Death Knights) in order to join. Death Knights and Warlocks will find it difficult, but not impossible to be accepted.

What races will you accept?
Humans, dwarves and night elves. Draenei and worgen will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What classes do you accept?
Paladins, priests, rogues, mages, hunters and warriors. Death Knights and warlocks will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What is your application process like?
Simply click on "Apply to guild" fill out the application form and press "Submit". We will review your application and if we think you might be a good fit for the guild, you will receive an email confirmation and an interview will be scheduled at an officer's convenience. You may contact Darion or Victoriea in game with any questions.
House Blackmorn has been called to aid the Alliance war effort in the barrens.

The letter came just after breakfast, hand delivered by one of the Royal Guard. Darion broke the seal and his expression told Jorin everything he needed to know about the letter's contents. Still, he handed it to him before slamming his hand on the table. "Silas was right..." He muttered. "You were right..."

The letter was short and to the point, demanding that Darion traveled to Theramore Isle with no less than fifty swords to aid the Alliance war effort in the barrens. He'd promised them fifty men when he allied himself to Stormwind and formally joined the Alliance, but having heard nothing from Lady D'Ath, Darion needed every sword to retake Rosegarde and put an end to Tolvan's rebellion. "What am I to do now? I can't tell them I haven't got enough men to spare... I swore an oath and I'll be damned if I'm going to dishonor this house by going back on that."

Jorin shook his head, his expression grim. "Well one thing's for certain, m'lord... Ya can't ignore it. It's a Royal command and ya gave your oath when ya joined the Alliance, same as the elves, the dwarves n' even those blue demons..." Jorin told him. He'd never seen a draenei until their journey to Stormwind and still considered them demons.

"I promised Tori we'd be going home to the Crossing. Not fighting the orcs on another damned continent. There must be some other way... Silas loves the sea... If I gave him his own ship and a crew, he'd probably sail within the fortnight and be glad of it." Darion muttered.

"Aye... He would, but you still have to make an appearance, m'lord. Best to lead the men into battle, gain a victory n' show em what the Blackmorns are made of. After that... You can leave someone else in command n' go home to Lady Tori. Don't you worry about Rosegarde. Tolvan'll give it up." The Captain told him.

"Tori isn't going to like this..." Darion muttered. "And worse, she'll constantly worry about me like I'm a damned child."

"She loves you. You should be grateful for that. She's a strong woman, that one... One of the few I'd consider the equal of any man on the battlefield." Jorin told him.

"Aye... And I love her for it, but she needs to accept that I don't need to be protected." Darion told him. "Assemble fifty of our best men. I'll get another fifty from Dragon's Landing to escort our people north while we're off fighting the damned greenskins. We'll leave as soon as I've spoken with Tori."

To be continued...
Delayed by a storm at sea, Lord Blackmorn and his retinue finally disembarked late Saturday evening and were greeted by a contingent of Lady Proudmoore's own guard. As guests of Lady Proudmoore, Lord Blackmorn and his retinue will be remaining at the keep until they ride for Honor's Stand in the barrens.

A Letter to Lady Lorrain Blackmorn

Dear Sister,

I trust all is well and preparations have been made to return to Wolf's Crossing. You shall serve as Regent, to rule in my stead until I return from serving his Majesty, King Wrynn and the Grand Alliance, of which we are now a part. You may rest assured that Lady D'ath will have crushed Lord Tolvan's rebellion and restored Rosegarde to order.

I shall leave it to you, my dear sister, to punish the rebel leaders as you see fit. I trust that like our father before us, you will show mercy where such is warranted. Those men once sworn to Lord Madoran of Stone Hearth are to be pardoned, so long as they do of their own free will, swear themselves to serve me as they once did my namesake.

May the Light protect you.


A letter to Nicolete Gellantaro

Dear Cousin,

I and the Lady Victoriea have arrived safely at Theramore Isle, received by the Lady Proudmoore's household as honored guests. I have commanded my sister, Lady Lorrain, to serve as Regent at Wolf's Crossing until I return. You are most welcome to travel with her when she and the household make the journey north, this coming Tuesday if you wish to do so.

Our family has suffered so many tragic losses in the years following the fall of our beloved Kingdom and I believe now, more than ever, that it is important for us to support one another in all things, that we may see our great house rise to former glories. I wish to offer you a place at Castle Blackmorn, with as many of your own household as you deem necessary. Please accept this small token of my love and with it, the invitation to join us here in Theramore, where I shall present you to my fiance, the Lady Victoriea of Tasride.

With love and the Light's blessing.

Letter to Darion

To the Lord of House Blackmorn,

I am glad to inform you that Rosegarde has been taken. However, I regret to say that casualties have been sustained on both sides, the damage substantial to the town. Let it be known that the rebel known as Tolvan has been captured and kept alive as requested and stipulated. The banner of the Black Rose and that of the Alliance flies over the gates and keep of the town. We will remain here to await your pressence.

on behalf of Lady Da'th,
commander of the Black Rose company.

A letter in response to the Lady D'ath

My Lady,

The news of your victory and the destruction of this vile rebellion is most pleasing. As I write this, my sister, the Lady Lorrain makes preparations to return to our home of Wolf's Crossing. She will serve as Regent, to rule in my stead until I return from fighting the orcs on Kalimdor at his Majesty's behest. I have sent word of your victory and asked that she visit Rosegarde to punish the traitor, Edwin Tolvan in accordance with the severity of his crimes.

As per our agreement, Rosegarde is yours and with it, all the gold in Lord Tolvan's own treasury. My dear sister will grant you the use of five of our masons to aid in repairing the damage done to Rosegarde Keep. With Rosegarde secure, we may now begin to resettle the commonwealth.

Darion Blackmorn

Lord of Wolf's Crossing - Regent of Stone Hearth
Bump for good people and RP!
Alright, since you ignored me several times in SW when I whispered politely asking about how <The Silver Circle> thread was closed and <House Blackmorn> was taking over and now you're all back in <TSC> again. I'm not criticizing or judging. I just... wanted to know how to guide potential RPers your way if your RP isn't stable since you disband and reform and disband and reform. I encourage RP guilds of all types and I like to see future RPers join a guild that would suit them. I hope round two of <TSC> takes off with good intent. You seem like dedicated and well versed RPers who put great effort into the "larger picture".
An unexpected visitor

The sun was already setting and Darion was still in bed, Victoriea curled up in his arms as he brushed his fingers through her hair. They had both needed a day away from the political games and the false pleasantries of Court and while spending the day in bed with her certainly eased his troubled mind, Darion could not wait to go home. Wolf's Crossing was still under reconstruction and Darion prayed daily that Dorne's host had not marched through it somehow to undo all he'd done.

Castle Blackmorn once stood a magnificent example of a fortress, near twice the size of Stone Hearth Keep and holding a larger garrison. After Lord Vincent was beheaded, the King's soldiers had marched through Wolf's Crossing, torn down much of the keep and put the small village to the torch so that the new generation of house Blackmorn would not rise up in rebellion as Vincent had done.

Darion didn't have the coin or the manpower to make it what it was and instead of completely rebuilding, he chose to build upon what remained of the keep. He'd given the masons sketches of the old keep, including the wolf's jaws as they had often referred to the old portcullis. It was the work of a master engineer, twin iron gates, one descending from the archway while the other rose from beneath the stone passage, the archway itself resembling a wolf's mouth. Castle Blackmorn would be much smaller than it had been before Darion was born, but it would be no less a fortress.

A knock at their door pulled Darion from his thoughts and he rose quietly from the bed, careful not to wake Victoriea as she slept. He hadn't been expecting any visitors and his instructions to the guards had been quite clear. He and the Lady were not to be disturbed for any reason that was not of the utmost concern.

"Apologies, m'lord. A woman is here to speak with Lady Holfmann. She says she is under the Lady's employ and it is urgent that she speaks with her." Jorin told him. Jorin Blackmorn was near the same age as Darion's Uncle Robert had been when the Sullivans killed him, just entering his fifties and no less fearsome than Robert on a battlefield. Darion had named him Captain of the household Guard in Ser Varic's stead.

"The Lady is resting. Send her in. I'll speak with her myself." Darion told him.

When the girl was shown inside the main living room, Darion couldn't help but smile. It was none other than the voluptuous red-haired courtesan his Uncle Edric had dubbed Connie, likely because she reminded him of one of his other !@#$%s with the same name. Her legal name was Merrideth, but that was all Darion really knew about her. She was dressed far less richly than she had been the last time Darion had seen her and the lovely smile she so often wore had been replaced with an ever-present frown.

"Good evening, my lord. Please forgive me for coming without notice." She said softly, almost timidly as Darion gestured for her to sit. She seemed a completely different woman to Darion and he could not help but feel concerned.

"Is something wrong? Last I was told, Tori offered you a place a Dragon's Landing. What brings you all the way to Stormwind?" Darion questioned her.

"I... Lady Holfmann was very kind and I should have stayed, but I was born in Lordaeron, my lord. Knowing that there were men such as yourself who planned to retake their rightful lands, I wanted to see for myself... To see if there could be a place for me at Wolf's Crossing..." She told him, lowering her gaze. "I used the money the lady gave me to travel south, but the men I hired to escort me turned out to be little more than thieves... We made it as far as Ironforge and when I woke the morning after, they were gone and they had taken everything. I rode alone, all the way to Stormwind." She told him.

Her story certainly explained the state of her clothing and Darion couldn't help but wonder when the poor girl had last eaten. She had to have lost twenty pounds on the road and looked more like a refugee than the beautiful woman he remembered. "All you had to do was send word and I--we would have found a place for you... You did not have to travel all this way." He told her. "Come on... Let's get you something to eat and a bath. When Tori wakes up, I'll speak with her and see about letting you remain here with us until we ride north."

She smiled then, rising from the chair and throwing both arms around him. All he could do was awkwardly return the girl's embrace as she thanked him again and again for his generosity. "It's all right... You weren't harmed on the road, were you?" Darion questioned her.

She simply shook her head. "It was nothing I couldn't handle, m'lord."
Every post by OP reported.

[quote] We have dealt with those members who were creating problems and returned to a drama-free environment.

Who knows who's a bit vengeful after dealing with this. But I can attest that the storm is over and those who were malicious enough to now flag us on the forums are at least no longer in the guild.

Honestly though, a great plot, political and always Rping guild. There are always a few stories running parallel and crossing eachother so things are going on. Especially later in the evening/night.

Anyhow.. *hip-bump* to a fun guild!
Hope to see some fun new faces soon!
A letter to Darion

Dear Brother,

I have appointed our Cousin, Ser Alec as ambassador to Stormwind and our other allies. Charming as he is, I trust he'll serve us well in the months to come and handle the house's affairs with the utmost discretion.

I have asked Miss Eira and her gentleman to accompany me to Wolf's Crossing to continue my training. I've also offered Miss Rassi a position as my personal physician, but I have not yet received her answer.

As for the matter of Lord Ravenwood, he has written twice and expressed his desire to expedite the marriage with Lady FlameSeeth. On a brighter note, he seems to have forgotten all about his interest in me and for that, I am most grateful.

During my visit to the King's Court, I was introduced to Ser Ethan Bainbridge, who is the eldest son of Jacob Bainbridge. Ser Ethan is four years my senior and has expressed his interest in courting me. I would be grateful if you would write a letter of refusal on my behalf. I'm sure you can think of a reason.

A letter to Lady Lorrain Blackmorn

Dear Sister,

Ser Ethan Bainbridge is an honorable man of whose character I cannot speak highly enough. You will return at once to Stormwind and attend the King's Court. While in Stormwind, I ask that you simply meet with Ser Ethan that the two of you may better know one another. A marriage to house Bainbridge would ensure support for us in the house of Nobles and give us a powerful ally in fighting the forsaken. I will not command you to marry as father might have done, but I do ask that you meet with the good Knight and not bring dishonor to our family name by so hastily refusing an honorable request.

While you attend Court, I have every confidence that our dear Aunt can manage the affairs of Wolf's Crossing. I've taken the liberty of creating an account for you at the bank of Stormwind, where you'll find the funds necessary to purchase a suitable place of residence. I'm sure that Ser Alec can make all the necessary arrangements. As you have been offered a place at King Varian's Court, it would only be prudent to own a house within the city walls.

With love,

In response to Darion's letter


I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that Lord Edwin has been punished and order has been restored to Rosegarde. Unfortunately, your dear ally, the Lady D'ath is a deplorable creature whose greed knows no bounds. On her orders, our property at Rosegarde was pillaged and when confronted, she insisted that we pay her for what is our own property. Without the coin on hand to bargain, I offered her Osric's Anvil with the understanding that she is responsible for all upkeep, restorations and defense of both Rosegarde and the Anvil. She will also pay us a fifteen percent tax on all incomes. Essentially, I have made her men the first line of defense against the forsaken. I intend to get our money's worth from that miserable, knife-eared creature.

As for your request... You know how I feel about attending Court, but I will do as you ask on one condition. I want my own estate in the south, my own servants and my own guard. Yes. I suppose that's three conditions, but I'm sure you can humor me in such simple requests. I thank you for not using me as a pawn in your political chess game and I will meet with Ser Ethan as you've asked. I will be arriving in Stormwind this evening.

I admire your writing and flare for promoting political-social themes.

I just wanted to give a heads up to you about a new RP guild that was formed a day or so ago called <Silver Circle>. I did converse with the officer making the recruitment posts in trade. I had initially thought it might've been a reformation from your order, but clearly it wasn't. I told them that confusion will most likely occur (as I was) when the two themes are the same and the names are the same. Although they're only level one and you seem to be progressing at your own rate. I wasn't about to tell them to rename. My inquiry with her and in here was just to get insight on promoting more RP. Good luck!

When Lorrain stepped through the portal, Ser Alec was there to greet her with his familiar smile, arms outstretched to embrace her. "You're looking more like a proper lady every day, Lorra." He teased her, gesturing to her skirts.

Lorrain hated having to dress in such a way almost as much as she hated having to attend Court, but seeing Alec always brought a smile to her face. He was her favorite cousin and she could trust him with all her secrets. She hugged him tightly, content to simply stand there and be held. "Lord Edwin is dead." She whispered softly.

Alec lefted her chin, forcing her to meet his eyes. "You did it yourself, didn't you?" He questioned her, his expression telling her he already knew the answer.

"He kept taunting me... Told me my father would have had the courage to carry out the sentence himself..." She muttered, still shaken from the entire ordeal. Every time she closed her eyes, she could see his face and the look of disbelief in his eyes as she plunged the knife into him.

"You did the right thing, girl. The man... Or woman... Who passes the sentence should swing the blade." He told her. "I know it's hard, but the man betrayed us all and murdered my brothers. I'd have done it myself if I'd only been there..." Alec said softly, gently brushing his fingers through her hair. "It's one thing to kill a man in battle, but to look into his eyes before you carry out his death sentence... Well... That's never easy and that's the way it should be."

Lorra simply nodded in agreement, her arms still wrapped around her cousin's waist. "I'm going to need your help, Cos... I need to find a house here in Stormwind and I haven't the first idea where to look." She told him.

Alec just smiled. "I've already looked at a couple for you. There's a nice place in the cathedral district that's just come up for sale. In the meantime, Silas says you're welcome to the guest room at his house in the dwarven district. Now come on... You look like you could use a drink and some rest." He told her, leading her down the hall as the guards followed.

Later that night

It was the same dream she'd had just the night before, Edwin Tolvan's eyes meeting her own as she plunged the knife into him. There was so much blood, more than she'd ever seen. He'd been like a second father to her and then he betrayed her family, murdered her cousins and claimed Rosegarde in the name of his rebellion. He deserved to die a traitor's death, but Lorrain could not escape the memory of it.

Her scream startled the guard outside her door and fearing for her life, he burst through the door, sword in hand. "Are you all right, my lady?" He questioned her, searching the room for any sign of a would-be assassin. All he found was Lorra, tears in her eyes and a sheet wrapped around her to conceal her nudity.

Sitting up in bed, she reached for the glass of wine on the night stand, draining it in several gulps. "It was just a dream, Charles. I'm all right..." She said softly.

He simply nodded, lowering his gaze. "I'll... Return to my post then..." He muttered, quietly shutting the door behind him.

It was only half-past midnight and she knew she wouldn't be getting back to sleep. It had to be done, she kept telling herself. He was a traitor and a murderer. You avenged the deaths of your cousins and Edwin Tolvan got what he deserved.
Ah how I love seeing things on this forum that make me laugh. Truly...

I especially love this...

The fact that you're posting a TLDR wall of text denunciation and mockery in someone else's guild recruitment page on the forum, tempting a drama fest, and citing something that you yourself are now doing is 1. Ironic and 2. Classy.

If he's as terrible as you are implying, you shouldn't be sinking to that level. And if they aren't...well you look a bit silly to me either way now.

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