403 Legendary Rogue 6/8H LFG

Guild Recruitment
Looking for a new raiding home for the rest of this expansion, and into Mists. I'm 6/8H and have had several attempts put in on Spine. I do the homework to maximize my output, but am also open to suggestions and criticism if there are areas that need to be improved upon. I've ranked on several fights throughout this expansion, as well.

I am looking for a guild that's preferably on an east coast server. A starting raid time of 830-9pm EST is ideal. Due to my work schedule I can not raid earlier. Feel free to leave your spam or personal messages and I'll contact those that fit best. Thanks for reading!
Please if the following looks good to you add my real id: nck_2001@hotmail.com (doubles as my email)

<Winter is Coming> {A} Executus (PVP) is currently recruiting for 25 man raiding. We raid Sun/Tues/Weds 8:30 -11PM Server. [EST]

We are looking to finish Cataclysm strong and working on heroic content in Dragon Soul. For Mists of Panderia we plan on being one of the best Alliance end game raiding teams on this server. We feel the best way to do that is to gather the core group together now and work on raiding this content as well as future content together. The spots that we have open right now are all for Core Raid spots. The recruit must be Geared (390ish+ item level at the very least, prefer higher) Raid Experienced and should be on for at least 90% of our raid times and come ready to raid. Flasks/Food is always provided!

Please contact anyone of the officers below if you have questions, concerns, or are just looking to be considered for an invite. If no one is around please feel free to hit up our guild website and put up an application there. http://wic.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=238316&sid=adcbf513ada5734bcb0e7f5d259c42bc

Officers: Dynin, Sangmourne, Válus, Hêrpz, Faded, or Asreall

-We are considering all classes but Tanks if you are well geared and experienced we need you!

Some of our biggest needs that we would like to lockdown before MoP comes out.

- 1-2 Geared healers considering all specs but looking really for a Holy Priest.
- 3 to 4 Dps Melee = Enhance Shaman/Arms Warrior/ Subtlety/Assassination Rogue
- Range we are looking for an Arcane Mage/Shadow Priest and Survival hunter.

Overall we are just looking to fill a 25 man raid with competent raiders that are interested in Progression and having fun.
<Pulse> [H] Sen'jin is looking to add a few more raiders for 25 man. Times are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-10:30 Server

Looking For:

Rogue :)
Restoration Druid
Restoration Shaman
Holy Paladin
Ele Sham
Prot Warrior or Feral Tank with strong dps OS

If your class is not listed above feel free to apply, all exceptional player's are welcomed. http://creampie.guildlaunch.com/ for the application, then contact Healzorz, Demoralize, Seero, Tygroen, or Blackout in-game. Thanks
Contact me on realid: Tygroen@live.com

I would love to make it personal to each person, but I always end up forgetting something. So here's the spam, but feel free to just add me to realid and pst if you wanna chat.
realID: kacklehysteria@live.com

**Please note, all classes are open. We are looking for people to clear all DS HMs and get ready for MOP (Get beta if you don't have it!).**

About Us: Hysteria is a well respected 25 man Horde guild that's been around since November 2008. The guild is run by adults and drama is non existent/not tolerated in guild. We pride ourselves on our raid environment. We are a great guild for people looking for a long term place to raid and call home.

All our kills are 25 man kills:

6/7 HM FL
8/8 in Dragon Soul

We're currently searching for those special raid members who will join our roster for Cataclysm and beyond. Ideally potential raid members would be excellent players with a solid knowledge of their class, almost perfect situational awareness and attendance.

Current guild needs but not limited to (any great player is encouraged to app):

**please note, all classes are open if you can come in and perform. We are looking for people to clear all DS HMs and get ready for MOP.**

Warrior - Prot with DPS OS. MOre interested in Prot.
Paladin - Holy & Prot
Priest - Shadow(High Need) & Holy
Rogue - Not clearing for Shards. Clearing every sedond week till 8/8 HM
Shaman - Resto

These spots are core spots for the right players. Your DPS/HPS should be close to the top of your expected DPS/HPS with your current gear.

Hysteria raids from 8PM-11PM EST, Monday through Wednesday. We run a fair loot council system, which rewards players for good attendance and solid performance rather than seniority. We will be focusing on 25 man raiding as we feel this environment is more rewarding for raiders.

Further Information
We are seeking skilled players who are dedicated, enjoy raiding, and constantly seeking to improve themselves and those around them. We do not recruit for the bench and try to keep a small yet optimal roster so we have the versatility for hardmodes without the penalty of skilled raiders sitting on the bench.

As we are a guild focused on progression and efficiently raiding, we provide flasks(cauldrons), feasts and repairs for raiding members. We also provide enchanting materials on main spec gear.

If you have any further questions and/or wish to apply to Hysteria, feel free to contact Minar, Kackle or Energydrinkk in game or PM us on our forums.
Hi Mee!

I'm in need of another rogue to fill our roster progressing through heroic Dragon Soul. <Journey> is a 6/8H 25m progression guild on Gilneas alliance, currently working on the 3rd tendon of H Spine. We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8 - 11:30pm EST. Hopefully you can raid with us a half hour before your preferred time!

We will pay for your transfer upon acceptance!

Recruit post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4217174470

Real ID: Delbarton16@aim.com. Feel free to ask me any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you!

NOTE: Applications are not necessary as I hate wasting people's time, just a quick chat in-game or Ventrilo is all that's needed. Me posting here is an indication that we currently have an immediate opening for your class/spec.

About Us
<Guiles Theme Song> is a new 25-man raiding guild currently in the process of transitioning from 10-man after accomplishing 8/8 on heroic in Dragon Soul (amongst other accomplishments in previous tiers), residing on Magtheridon-US Horde (Ruin battlegroup, EST server time). The foundation of the guild is a group of friends with one common goal, to be successful in the competitive raiding scene. We are recruiting players to round up our core roster for Mists of Pandaria.

Progression (10man)
T11-H: Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds - 13/13
T12-H: Firelands - 7/7
T13-H: Dragon Soul - 8/8 (2/29/12)

Raid Times
M/T/W/Th - 8:00PM-12:00AM EST

Visit our website at: http://guilesthemesong.wowstead.com/
Whisper/mail me in-game at: Teem (real-id timothyjtwu@hotmail.com).

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.
We're 8/8HM and looking to expand our roster a little in preparation for MoP - you should consider applying to us.

Here is a short generic spam, but do contact me via real ID (listed at the bottom of the post) to learn more.
Adapt is 8/8HM and looking to add a handful of superb players to the roster - people who can knock our socks off with their execution and output even on farm content, who fit into the team well and who are like-minded folk that will be a great asset to the team as we level fast and push for early ranks in Mists.

A little more about the guild - we hold numerous server 1sts in 25man throughout the expansion, and since the server is PST we raid 8-12 PST on Tues/Wed/Thur. Mature, drama-free guild that have been around forever (we raided together since BC, formed under this guild tag about the start of ICC). Lots of high-playtime folk, our alt runs also do HMs, and we have a lot of folk that like to PvP, farm achievements or run retro raids.

Check us out at http://adaptguild.com or see our full recruitment post at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2179528887

For more info contact me via email or real-ID on: pdrayton at gmail dot com
Hello there, TM is recruiting raiders for its 2nd Raid team a 10m group going twice a week. Tues, Thurs 930-130 EST. TM is on Zul'jin a eastern time zone server that is ranked 3rd for 25 man guilds within the US.

The reason for creating this 2nd 10 man group is simple, I can no longer dedicate 5 days a week to progression and I still want to raid at a highly competitive level as I'm sure man out there want to do, I am looking for great raid aware players that min-max their class and strive to be the best they can be. As far as the guild goes it is the most active I have ever been in, there are constantly alt raids, rbg groups, arenas, among other things happening in the guild.

About us: We all have lives outside of wow, some are able to dedicate the 5 days a week to raid others cannot, we are looking for only top tier players.

Our goals in Mop: Although our 25m group is trying for top 10 US, as a 10m guild I still want to push progression hard. That being said we will never go late or additional days unless the entire group is okay with it. WE WILL BE SEMI HARDCORE/CASUAL. This basically means that although we expect the best we will do it all on a limited time schedule.

Current Progression
8/8h 7/8h pre nerf

The guild was started this tier and has a very promising future, if you want to be apart of this future and have the skill level to play in a top US guild on a limited schedule this is the group for you.

Current Recruitment


Melle DPS


Druid (Low)

Even if your class is listed as med or low all highly talented players are encouraged to apply. We prefer people that maintain good alts so we can swap people in and out as necessary. I WILL NOT BE RECRUITING FOR THE BENCH. I want to run a roster of 10 or 11 people, this means we will highly depend on the people being able to be there 2 times a week and will not appreciate people missing raids. 2 Days a week is EXTREMELY light.

Please contact me via real ID at yzrider@live.com *This method is preferred, state who you are and you are interested in joining the 10 man group.

You can check out our guild site at maliceguild.com


If you apply at the guild site make sure you put that you are applying for the 10m group, otherwise there will be no way to decifer which group you are applying for, if you put nothing we assume you are applying for the 25 man group.

Thank you for your time and I hope to speak with you soon. :)
Hello, <Vital> is a 10 man Horde raiding guild on Magtheridon-US. After three weeks together, we are 6/8H with close attempts on Spine. We have a solid group and are just looking for those last players to complete our team! We are focused on finishing out H8/8 and going strong into MoP.

About Us:

We have all played since pre-Wrath, and expect you to be a dedicated, experienced raider as well. We are fun group of players to raid with. While we have been focused on progression recently, we are also interested in PvP and achievements.

We provide raid consumables and enchants.

We will be using a Loot Council loot systems. Everything is always handled fairly and logically.

What We Are Looking For:

- 1 Ele/Resto Shaman (please have both specs appropriately geared.)
- 1 Rogue (Legendaries are a HUGE plus, but being close to them will be accepted)
- 1 Holy Pally

All exceptional players of any class are encouraged to apply! We are willing to pay for transfers for the right applicant!

Raid Times:

Times are based on a progression schedule. Raid Times on non-progression will be determined by how quickly and efficiently farm content is handled.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday - 8:30 EST - 11:30 EST.


You can visit our website at vitalguild.guildlaunch.com

If you have any interest, feel free to post here or contact Theweekend(crazypally02@yahoo.com), Maraschino, Bòósh or Conversë.
Our raid nights might start a little early for you (8-12 eastern) but if the rest is a good fit, it might be worth talking over. We're <Carried>: 8/8H DS Alliance 10 man on Whisperwind, raid nights usually Tues-Thurs, though we're down to one night farm until MoP comes out.

Our dps like to rank and are looking for a rogue who can keep up, so we'd love to take a look at any logs you might have. If that sounds like it might work, let's talk! RealID is bcowley@sundell.net, or apply directly on carriedguild.com.

Exigent--8/8H--Horde 10 man on Shattered Hand
Raid Nights & Times--Sun, Tue, Wed 8pm-11pm EST

Current Needs
*Unholy DK

**If you are not listed on the above list but are an exceptional dps feel free to contact us anyway; We may still make it work!!

Our current rogue has decided he would like to move on to a 25 man guild. We wish him the best in his endeavors but we are now in need of an extremely high skilled rogue, Unholy DK, Boomkin, or simply just a great dps.

The following is expected of our applicants:

*You should have prior progression raiding experience. This can be anywhere from Vanilla all the way up to the current tier. What is important is that you understand what it means to be a part of a progression raiding environment.
*You should be ready to wipe. Progression is progression because it is difficult! Wiping for hours on a new boss is part of that, and you should be prepared for it!
*You should have all your appropriate consumables ready. SC usually provides feasts and cauldrons, but don't always count on it. Make sure you are prepared! Role-appropriate potions should be used on every progression pull (and used pre-pull when applicable).
*You should have a relatively competitive gear level. If you're in unenchanted blues and quest items, you should probably consider bolstering your gear before applying.
*You should know your class! Raiders are frequently required to play multiple specs. You should know how to not only perform as your main spec, but also be able to fulfill your role as a different spec.
*You need to be competent! You should be able to fulfill your class's maximum potential while maintaining situational awareness.

Our raids are full of jokes, bank n forth banter, and plenty of "thats what she said". We try to maintain a fun environment while collecting our loots. When it's time to reign it in we crack the whip and put on the game face for the new challenge. We are an adult guild only with the majority of our guildies ranging from mid 20's to their mid 30's. So if you are looking for that home where you won't have to deal with the young, the elitist, the power rager, or the loot horder I look foward to hearing from you.
Hi Meemurz!

I think my guild might fit what you are looking for! We are Vigilance, a 10s guild on the Uldum PVE-PDT server, and we have recently found ourselves in the market for a Rogue.

Progression wise we are 5/8 in Heroic Dragon Soul, and we’re working on Heroic Blackhorn. We enjoy playing WoW as a game, but when it comes to raid time, we pride ourselves on being focused and serious. This may be a game, but when it’s raid time, we expect everyone to put in his or her best effort since we are all here to get stuff done and respect everyone’s time.

We raid on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 6-9pm PDT (9pm-midnight EDT). We also run a tight roster to ensure that everyone gets to raid often.

For more information, I invite you to visit our website at: http://uldum-vigilance.com
You’re also welcome to speak with myself or any other guild member in game

We hope to hear from you!!

Real ID: chugsftw@gmail.com
Website: http://vital-guild.info/
Progression: 8/8H complete in less than three weeks of raiding.
Recruitment Thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4661686347#1
Raid Schedule:
● Sunday: 12:00am - 4:00am EST
● Monday: 11:00pm - 3:00am EST
● Tuesday: 12:00am - 4:00am EST
● Wednesday: 11:00pm - 3:00am EST
Ginyu force 10m Raiding guild 6/8 HM LF core rogue if intrested get back to me Tues/Thurs 8pm-12am P.S.T.

Real-id : yellow_jello0508@yahoo.com
Hello, look at your guild, now back to mine, now back at your guild, now back to mine. Sadly, your guild isn't mine, but if you left that one and joined mine, yours can be. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a mammoth with a player you wish you could play like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it; it’s a shiny purple weapon with two tier tokens. Look again, the tier tokens are now tier armour. Anything is possible when you raid with Caution Tape and not a bunch of failures. I’m on a boat.

Our raid times are 9pm-12am server (PST). We raid on Sundays through Wednesdays. All consumables/repairs for the raid are provided by the guild, you just bring your pretty face and we will do all sorts of fun things together.

Primarily focused on 25man content, Caution Tape has remained a powerful guild for a second expansion. Formed late in Wrath of the Lich King, we managed to fully clear the content available and dominate the late night 25man scene. For those who have a clear wish to raid when the world is silent and all the normal people are quietly sleeping, Caution Tape is the home for you. Laid back, but still firm in our commitment to neglect our social lives (somewhat) in the search for magical boots and swords, we are here for the best of the late night crowd, and we have empty spots waiting.

Our current progression is 6/8 Heroic Mode in the Dragon Soul and we are going to be working our way through the Heroic Modes until the pandas come home. Lots of pandas, and they’re coming to our raids.

Oh yeah, and some of those people who claim to have a "real" life need to be replaced too since they can't make our times. Real life, I mean really? WoW IS real life! Wait, that's not what I meant. Of course we have lives outside this game, if we didn't, we would be 8/8 Heroic Mode months ago and I wouldn't have to make recruitment posts because there would be hundreds of sweaty nerds lining up for a chance to kiss our... uhh... rings. Since we do have lives, and you do too (if you don't, we still love you), we are looking for other like-minded raiders to join us and help us kill the content, and then still take Rebecca Black's advice and party on Friday.

If you're interested in joining, you can add our GM/RL on realid at atilladahung22@gmail.com, or speak to myself, Atildo, Itmurda, Terristra, Brübrü or Serrapid in game and we'll put your concerns to rest. Or you can skip the preamble and throw up an app at http://caution-tape.guildzilla.com. After that you can crack a cold one and slap some nasties around with us!
We're currently recruiting for our 25man Heroic DS progression, with that in mind we've also opened recruitment for MoP preparations.

7/8 Heroic & we raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:45pm-12 EST

^ here is my recruitment topic, check it out for more detailed information.
Hey Meem

We're looking for a strong DPS to add to our core group, and a rogue would work pretty well for that. I know you may not be able to make our schedule, but if you can do 8:00est we might be a good fit. If not, consider this a free bump and good luck with your search!

Slash Hug (25m) is 8/8H right now. The guild is very active on off nights, including a 7/7H clear of FL every week for titles/oranges/etc. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-12pm EST. Our longer post is here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4768357526 I try to keep the posting one short so it isn't so spammy.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, feel free to contact me or fill an app out. We're always looking for exceptional players.
RealID: sprixia@hotmail.com If I don't accept, RealID bugged. I have no idea why it does that sometimes. Please try a lowbie or the website if it happens.
Who to whisper: Sprixi, Doctavice, Spectie, Rhapsody
Website/app: http://slashhug.enjin.com
WorldOfLogs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/151719/
We're currently in need of a rogue. We have been lacking a core dps for the past few weeks so we haven't been able to progress because pugs we find in trade are always terrible of course, but with pugs we've gotten to last tendon on spine with it at 20% just having to reopen the plate again to kill it. Having a real dps will guarantee us 8/8H. You seem like the perfect fit for our raid group.

Our raid times are EST:
Tuesday-- 8:30- 1:00ish
Wednesday-- 830-1:00ish
contact me in game/or add me to realid if you have any questions.


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