<Vox Radix> GDKP's 4/28 & 4/29

•Aragone (Retribution Paladin)
•8/8 (0/8HM) Dragon Soul Exp (8/8 HM on Hermionè)
•100k+ To spend
•I need various pieces of gear for Ret from either HM or Normal mode
•Saturday run please (cannot make Sunday)
    Luxxe - Resto Shaman

    8/8 HMs biiiatch

    1 million gold

    I want your face.


Who is this angel? ^^^^^ ;) <3
Kniggit - Shadow Priest - DPS
3/8H on Pai
50k+ To spend
Need a lot of cloth dps gear.
Sunday run (but can make Saturday)
Kierica- Feral
100k+ to spend
need pieces for about half slots
Sunday only this week.
Necronomica - Frost DK
Jyinx - Fire Mage

5/8 HM

150K+ to spend
Bigbrenner - Fire mage
8/8 (1/8HM) on Bigbrenner (6/8 HM on Magezlól)
80k to spend
I need various pieces of gear from either HM or Normal mode
Saturday run please
Mattylol - Feral Tank/Resto Druid (5/8HM)
Taylorgang Prot/Ret Pally (5/8HM)
Mothafujones - Mage (probably won't bring this week)

200k+ to spend
Need gear for OS on both toons.
Sat and Sunday
Evolutiòn- Feral dps/tank
Bill- Arms warrior
I'd like to go Sunday if possible.
Miaoshan - Blood DK - 1/8 HM (8/8 HM on Kiyasume) - Saturday Only - 80k

Alyptic - Balance Druid - ^ same experience - Sunday Only - 50k
Dayon - Shadow Priest
Exp - 1/8 HM and 8/8 HM on my main
80k+ to spend
Sunday (04/29)
Malzlok rogue saturday only

150k+ to spend
Phrozenfury - Mage DPS
8/8 norm 1/8 H
120k to spend
2 tier peices, cunning, unbinding, DW weap, boots, ring, etc
Saturday only
Leucian / Katesith

100k+ to spend

Either day, both if needed.

I has golds!!!!

Zzarii DK for one run! Pref "stacked" run....but ya, lol.

All of mah toons are able to go!
No stacked runs yet Zzari, get it together!
I lied, can't make it today -- tomorrow!
Ðeuz-Balance Druid

3/8 H an main

50k to spend

can do either day
388 rogue, 3 weeks at 85. Several characters with 5/8-6/8h exp.

1 million gold to spend (yes, 1 million)

either day, more notice the better. will be checking invites.

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