Just spent the weekend playing TERA..

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Helpful reminder.

Helpful reminder.


I don't follow...

Same >.>

I must say that I do not like the changes they did with the channels though. I will be rerolling on a PvE server until Vanarch's get elected and they do something about marauding gangs of bored 60s ganking lowbies.
I dont know. Hornswoggler pretty much never makes any sense.
OK, I may need to park my priest for a while XD Just rolled a lancer and I am loving it~!
Helpful reminder.


What about that post?

You are trying to turn something that is simply a social media job position to something that it isn't, which is a person who goes around posting on other games forums.

You obviously aren't very well acquainted with marketing. My firm has a marketing position that is solely charged with posting/running the social media sites. With a big company like EA they would need several.

I don't like EA, nor Blizzard, but you sir are wrong.
The game has some problems. RDF sucks, lancers are rare as all get-out, we're talking hour long queues, it's like the worst WoW ever got for tanks, perpetually, only one class can tank...

As a 52 sorc, I spent 3h in a queue yesterday. And the group sucked too...

It's annoying, but just temporary. Lancers' damage output is always low, and as you level it only gets slower to kill stuff by yourself, while dungeons don't exactly give a lot of exp when you're not doing quests in there. Dps classes that didn't rush to 60 are just getting there, while lancers soloing their way are considerably behind.

I'm sure we'll have more lancers than we need once we have more/most people at max level, specially once warriors can start queueing.

05/11/2012 07:27 AMPosted by Rchardinabox
Just do yourself a favor and turn off Area Chat if you're playing for the first time.

That varies with server. Noob Island area chat in Daggerfall (the most populated PvE server) is essentially Barrens chat, just what you'd expect from the Mal'ganis of Tera servers.
You are better off making a group on your server rather than dealing with the instance matching.

/a Healer LFG BoL/SM/CR/etc. PST!

And I usually end up getting a group together fairly quickly. Also, doing it this way, you can take a warrior as a tank instead of having to wait for a lancer.

That being said, I just rolled a lancer and having a ball XD Now to catch up to my husband's sorc so mobs don't take 10-years to die >.<

05/11/2012 09:57 AMPosted by Altronix
This is the type of guy because of which I would avoid TERA.

Yes, because there aren't players on WoW who stare at naked Nelfs and their bouncy-bounce or Draenei and their /waggle dance.
Or try this:


Eventually people will get used to it. Hopefully.
Or try this:


Eventually people will get used to it. Hopefully.

Well thanks for that I didn't even know there was a LFG channel as well as the LFG system and the RDF.

To be honest I've just been using the RDF. Queues at my Sorc's level (31 now) are around 15mins for DPS and I've also picked up 3 groups out of area chat very easily because they are all LF ranged dps which is me...

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