Proudmoore Pride 2012 -- Official Event Info

Greetings Proudmoore from The Stonewall Family (A) & The Spreading Taint (H) !!!

I'm happy to announce that this year will be the 8th Annual Proudmoore Pride Parade & after-party Celebration --- produced and hosted by our two meta-guilds. Both Taint & The Stonewall Family take great pleasure in putting together what is considered to be one of the biggest in-game parties anywhere! Previous years' events have attracted a couple thousand toons from all over the realms and around the world - we'd love to see even more this year!

This year's Pride event will be held on Saturday, June 16th 2012. Alliance will begin marching at 1145a server time to join their Horde brothers & sisters who will be marching at Noon server.

If you've never been to Pride, and are curious what it's like -- do a google search for Proudmoore Pride -- we have quite a few videos of years past up on YouTube.

The parade route this year will see the horde staging at Mor'shan Rampart --- the Alliance will be staging at Honor's Stand and meeting up with their horde family as they begin to proceed south of Crossroads toward Ratchet, and then on to the boats together for the ride to Booty Bay!

We are currently hard at work on event planning, with more details on the party - contests - and even some new super-special additions to the celebration... still to come! We will also be relaunching the new and improved as your primary source of information for the event!

To be 100% clear -- Proudmoore Pride is open to ALL players who'd like to join us to party, LGBT or not, even those off realm are welcome to come roll a level 1 for a day -- both Alliance and Horde will again have temp alt guilds setup to help you get assistance to get to the party, distribute info, and provide you access to contacts within our guilds who can help you out.

Just a reminder -- no PvP of any type will be tolerated during the event - both Horde and Alliance will have fully-equipped security forces out in large numbers to ensure a peaceful and fun time for everyone.

Lots lots more info to come -- we'll keep updates here and even more on the official Pride website located at *** relaunching very shortly ***

Looking forward to seeing everyone and dancing with you all at the party...

Ginjack - Founder, The Stonewall Family

For non-event info on either guild - please check our respective websites:

The Spreading Taint --
The Stonewall Family --
Yay! I get to party with my Horde frands without their guards hacking me into pieces! :D
Babby's first!
I heard about this last year but didn't roll a toon to participate. Super excited.
Can't wait! Last year was fuuuuuun, I xferred over for it and stayed! This year's pride is gonna be awesome!
Proudmoore Pride 2010 >>
sweet gonna get night off so i can slay some horde!
I'm new to the server, but will definitely be there!
<---- Will be ready for some "fun".
I forgot all about last years :(! I just started on this server recently so if I don't forget it'll be my first time coming to it :D.
<---- Will be ready for some "fun".

I hear horrible stories of an alliance gang setting up shop in northern barrens.. dealing centuar hooves on the black market.. I hope the Horde guards are tough as these savages are known for their hostility towards hoove holders
05/28/2012 11:50 PMPosted by Trixxby
I hear horrible stories of an alliance gang setting up shop in northern barrens.. dealing centuar hooves on the black market.. I hope the Horde guards are tough as these savages are known for their hostility towards hoove holders

Nothing to see here. Moving right along, folks.
Whom do I talk to about sponsoring some prizes for a Costume contest at the event ? Judging for both factions has to be free and fair by both faction's judges.


First prize - Vial of the SandsA + Vial of the SandsH
2nd prize - Mekgineer's ChopperA + Mechano-HogH
3rd prize - Swift LovebirdA + Swift LovebirdH.


♥ Maxdps!

Guess this means I need to put a costume together ..
Hey Maxdps,

I'm one of the assistant GMs with Stonewall Family.

Due to the in-game communication division between Alliance and Horde we are planning separate contests for each faction. You may contact me in-game or here on the forums (not yet sure how to do that, if even possible) if you'd like to commit to the Alliance contests. At this time we're still planning the contest and prizes/award monies to be given out, but your offer would help us out immensely in achieving our goals.

I can try to locate the Horde-side contest coordinator, but am not sure who at this time.

Happy to say I had a fruitful talk with Paldadin, who will be handling the Alliance prizes to be distributed at the event! <3

Now if I find someone on the hordeside, we're a go! :D

Glad to give back a little something to a community that has given me so much! <3

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