Weekly 25 Heroic ICC 12/12 Invincible Run

Just thought I would put this up here since a lot of people ask me when I do these runs.

I run a weekly ICC 25 Heroic 12/12 Invincible Mount run. We have cleared 8 weeks in a row now and it takes about 1-2hours depending. Everything is free roll except the shards and primordial saronites. We are NOT doing any meta achievements. Now I'm not saying some achievements won't happen, but we are not shooting for anything other then 12/12 heroic. This raid will be going across 3 different servers (Arthas, Mannoroth and Echo Isles) so it will fill up fast. If interested be on your respective servers on Thursdays at 8 est. I will have friends on those servers getting people while I will be on Arthas.

Bump for week 9.

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