[Bug] Graduation Speech

Bug Report
This quest has what I think is a major bug I just experienced. When the quest changes your interface, the 4th button, which usually is the 'escape' button to exit the interface, was grayed out for me with no icon within it. Clicking it did nothing, I couldn't use my heartstone ("You can use that right now"), and only by clicking the tiny little icon on my minimap let me free. Character stuck option to the graveyard also failed.
I also encountered this bug .. had to log out and back in to escape the podium. Pander button is also missing
I just encountered this for a second time a few days ago on my mage. The speech has 4 options to go though, but the interface only shows two of them and a leave button. However if you use the keyboard you can access all 4 options and the leave using the '5' button.
Have you all tried without addons? 'Cause I just did this recently on my shaman and had all options available to me.
I have just played this mission, vanilla install, latest patch.

Once you are in the "vehicle mode" of the podium, only the first two action buttons are present on the toolbar. "pander" (hotkey 3) is missing, as is "exit vehicle" (which for me, was hotkey 4).

Fortunately I had done research into this mission and simply pressing the correct key yielded the proper action, so I was able to complete the mission and exit the podium. However, there is no way to click pander and exit since those buttons are completely missing.

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