401 Mage w/Legendary LF 6/8H+ Guild

Guild Recruitment
iLevel 401 Fire/Arcane Mage with Legendary Staff.
Looking for a new home for the rest of Cataclysm and beyond. Current guild does not take raiding seriously enough.

Available raid times are any day, 5pm EST to 10pm EST.
Looking to raid immediately, prepared to server/faction transfer at any time.

Real ID: god_of_war6@hotmail.com
Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/burning-legion/Sellatore/advanced

If my available times do not work for you, please don't add me.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Good morning.

We are in need of a mage immediately for out core 10 man team. We are currently 6/8H and raid tues/thurs 8-11 est.

Add brentlee34@gmail.com and I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

unexpectedguests.com is guild website.
Heya buddy!

Our guild may be a perfect fit for you! I'll try to keep this short.
<Alone>, alliance guild of Aerie Peak (US-PVE) is looking for a mage for a core raid spot! We are a semi-hardcore 25man raiding guild. Our current progression is 8/8 in heroic 25man Dragon Soul (got DW after spine nerf at 5%, server first). We raid Mondays through Thursdays, 7-10 EST. If you can make 4 raid days and you like shorter, earlier raid times in a relaxed/friendly atmosphere, but serious raiding (US 58th 25man), this is the guild for you! We also provide guild repairs, flasks, pots and enchants for all our core raiders, so you can forget about farming! Loot: Loot council. We usually do alt runs on the weekends. This covers all the most important info. If you are interested, check us out at www.aloneguild.com and fill out and application.
If you have any questions send me a msg or look for me in game.

realID: domen.plut@guest.arnes.si
<Semantics> is a Horde 25-man progression guild on the PVE server Area 52. We were formed as a group of like-minded individuals who genuinely enjoy all aspects of the game. In addition to our main raid group, we have groups who run Rated Battlegrounds, Arena, and old content. Many of our members are among the highest achievement point holders on the server - we like to run achievements. To clarify, we are a progression guild that likes to do achievements. We find that achievements make the game more interesting, and make some encounters more enjoyable than they normally are.

8/8 Heroic 25m

Point of Contact
Officers: Sauce, Thewhitefox, Dabeef, Breadtower

We are currently seeking the following classes (RELIABLE PEOPLE) to fill our raid roster.

Warlock - High need
Elemental Shaman - High need
Mage - Medium need
Exceptional Ranged

Exceptional Melee



Raid times
7:30-11:30 EST

PVP Information
We currently are running Rated Battleground groups on Sunday or Monday evenings. We are looking for PVPers to help fill these slots for a more consistent group. Please contact Sauce for more information.

To get more info or apply, go to http://www.semanticsguild.com
<Reload UI> 7/8 Heroic DS

Server: US-Dalaran
Server type: PvE
Faction: Alliance
Time zone: EST
Apply: Post here or contact me on Real ID ( wilsonjarvis@hotmail.com )

What we're looking for:
- Any ranged DPS
- Holy Paly or Resto Druid
Looking for high end mature raiders that are serious about progression and beating the competition.

What we are:
We are a 10 man mature raiding guild that has a good time without sacrificing progression. We do not rage at players and have a more laid back raid lead style. However deficiencies will not be ignored and will be corrected in a tactful non insulting way.

Tuesday - 8-11 EST
Wednesday - 8-11 EST
Friday - 8-11 EST
Immortal-Lighting's Blade is looking for a few more dps

A few things to know about us:

8/8HM 25m Heroic DS (6/8 pre 5%) - Server First
7/7HM 25m (10 HRag Kills before Geyser Nerf) - Server FirstT
12 13/13HM
T11 12/12HM ICC (multiple invincibles)

We have been a raiding guild since Molten Core (the guild just turned 7)

Wowprogress page here

US:36 T13 (25man)
US:37 T12 (25man)
US:60 T11 (25man)

Being 7/7HM last tier while it was relevant and 6/8+HM is a plus.

Currently looking for someone with 4/8H+ exp (prenerf) Good logs and HM ready gear are a must. You need to know how to play your class.Our Raid times are Monday - Thursday 7:00 - 11:00 EST

Tossing up an app at our website helps us look up logs, prior exp etc, and it will EXPEDITE the process, all apps are private and viewable by officers only
apply http://immortallb.wowstead.com/

or Pst Zaiki, Scynnd or Pustulioo in game or you can speak with a recruitment officer if they are on.

Real IDs to get ahold of us:
Zaiki - loyal0wnage@hotmail.com
Scynnd - dstock22@gmail.
Pustulioo - knight_wolf_9@yahoo.com

Thank you for taking the time to look at our guild. :)
Hey Bloodybuns ,

I'd be interested in talking to you about some dps spots we currently have open on our roster!

The Horsemen- Shadowmoon (US 83) Horde

We're a 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul (7/7HFL) 25-man guild looking for an amazing Mage to help us be ready for Mists of Pandaria - and in the meantime farm T13 Heroics. What's unique about our guild is we stay competitive in progression while only raiding 9 hours a week. WE ARE THE #1 US GUILD THAT RAIDS LESS THAN 10 HOURS. You would be hard pressed to find a guild with a better progression/hours raided ratio than we have (we looked lol and like I said #1 US).

Basically, raiding is a not a job, and we don't treat it like one. If you're looking for a guild who slams their faces against a boss for 30 hours a week until they happen to finally kill it, we're not the guild for you. If you want to actually have fun when you raid, and still raid in a competitive atmosphere, then you should check us out. Our raid times are Tues/Thurs/Sun 9:30-12:30 EST (hopefully this works for you).

You can find more info on our website, http://www.horsemenguild.com. Hit me up in game if you have any questions, I'm always open to chat.


RealID – asorchik@gmail.com
Hey there Bloodybuns how are ya? We are currently in need of some good dps for our core 25 man group. Looks like our raid times run about an hour later then your schedule permits, thought I would go ahead and post just in case.

Our guild is <Graphic Content> of Madoran. (PVE) As you may be able to tell by our tag we are an adult guild...lol We enjoy playing and clearing end-game content together and having fun while doing it.

We are a very well established guild. Many of us have been playing and raiding together since Vanilla including the same GM and many of the same officers. We are not going anywhere which is important, I believe when considering a guild to join moving into a new tier.

We are currently 6/8 Heroic 25 man and pushing hard on Heroic Spine.
Our normal raid schedule is Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday 8:00-11:30pm EST.

Here are a few options if you would like to learn more about us.

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3123246546?page=1 - Our main recruitment thread.

http://www.graphiccontent.enjin.com/home - Our official guild website.

PinkFloydx82@aol.com - My real ID, please feel free to add me and contact me anytime.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to talking with you soon!

<Graphic Content>
Recruiting Officer
Let's do this! We only have 1 raiding mage!

Server: Shadow Council (RP)
Faction: Alliance
Raids: 25 man
Progression: 6/8 25man Dragon Soul Hard Modes
Raid Times: Tues/Thur/Mon 8-12 Eastern (5-9 Pacific)
Loot System: EPGP
Age Requirement: 18+ (30+ average)
Guild formed: 13Jun2005
Raiding Since: Jan2006
Guild Website: http://www.lightbrigades.com
RealID Daenerys at: hansenm231@yahoo.com
RealID Sapperton at: drewyou@gmail.com

Currently recruiting:
Druid: 1 Balance / Resto
Mage: 2
Paladin: 1 Holy
Rogue: 1
Shaman: All 3 specs
Warlock: 2
Warrior: 1 DPS
Secondary Raid Leader
(Highest need for people using the protector token, we have only 5 total that use the protector token on our current raiding roster)

Application process: Written Application through our website at www.lightbrigades.com followed by in vent interview after 48hrs to give guildies enough time to comment on App.

Guild Accomplishments:
Server First: Ragnaros (Heroic)
Server First: Sinestra
Server First: Nefarian (Heroic)
Server First: Al'Akir (Heroic)
Server First: Level 25 guild
Server First: Light of Dawn (Lich King 25-man kill)

Light Brigade is currently recruiting for 25-man Cataclysm raiding. While many WotLK 25-man guilds have chosen to pursue 10-mans as a priority for Cataclysm, we at Light Brigade are focusing solely on 25-man raiding. If you're looking to raid 25-mans, Light Brigade may be the home for you.

Who is Light Brigade?
Light Brigade first formed as a guild June 13, 2005, and started raiding Zul Gurub and Molten Core in January 2006. While many other raiding guilds have come and gone, Light Brigade has always been here and plans to be here for many years into the future.

Light Brigade has stood the test of time by being a group of like-minded mature adults that focuses on end-game progression raiding while still having fun. We do our best to only accept mature adult raiders, and as a general rule only accept raiders 18+. We do not put up with drama, so if you are a forum troll, a ninja looter, or just a general jerk, you need not apply regardless of how awesome you are.

Light Brigade is currently 5/8 in HM Dragon Soul 25-man raiding and making steady progress forward. While there are certain classes we need more than others, if you think you an exceptional raider of like mind with Light Brigade, feel free to apply. Exceptional applicants will be considered on a case by case basis even if the spot isn't "open", and additional raid spots can appear frequently.
<Death Jesters> of Stormrage are looking for excellent players to finish Cataclysm and kill pandas.

About us:
Formed January 27th, 2005, we are the oldest and one of the most respected raiding guilds on Stormrage. We have always prided ourselves on being a very small, closely-bonded 25man guild. We have a long history of raiding and have achieved numerous server firsts and seconds. Many of us know each other in real life, think of each other as friends and family. Many of us have been raiding together since Molten Core or previous MMOs. Our players have killed every single boss in the game prior to major easymode nerfs.

Our reserved days/hours for raiding are Mon-Thurs (8-11:00 EST). Typically we raid anywhere between 10-12 hours per week, with Friday to Sunday always reserved as off days.

Current Progression
8/8 HMs (Morchok, Yorsahj, Zon'ozz, Hagara, Ultraxion, Warmaster, Spine, Madness)


If you believe you have what it takes and are looking for a new home rather than just a new guild, continue reading.

What we offer you:

-We can offer you a very stable guild with a history that pre-dates World of Warcraft. In over seven years of raiding, we have never been close to falling apart, and we will be around until the game dies.

-We can offer you a guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, opinions, and strategies.

-We offer a raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism.

-We offer a raiding guildbank to help our raiders. Repairs, enchanting materials, feasts, flasks, and other miscellaneous items are all provided for you.

-We have a friend/family rank available for those that reach full member status and would like a friend or family member to experience our atmosphere.

-We can offer you a guild in which you will get as much back as you put in.

What we want:

-We want players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We do not want players that log on only for a raid. We are all social creatures that enjoy each others' company. If you are looking for a guild ONLY to raid with and collect loot, this guild is not for you. We are a guild of team players. We play this game for ourselves and our teammates.

-We want people looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here.

-Nobody wants to be the weak link in our chain; everyone strives to be the best. We want players that knew how to spread out on C'thun, move on Thaddius and Heigan, who killed their constructs with ease, and have never cratered. We want players with situational awareness, players that can use their healthstone, and that aren't afraid to admit they made a mistake in order to improve upon it.

We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and feel you can compete on a hardcore level, then we encourage you to apply. Additional information about us can be found on our website at http://www.death-jesters.net/

Our recruitment information can be visited on our forums: http://www.death-jesters.net/boards/viewforum.php?f=3

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Death Jester officer: Clarendon, Moonfaxx, Sparty (RealID: spartysmallwood@gmail.com), or email djapps@gmail.com.

We wish you the best in your guild search!
Real Id: Causalxxlinkxx@gmail.com

The Professionals: Wyrmrest Accord
PvE / West Coast server
10 man progression guild recruiting to do 25 man raiding in MoP
Guild Level 25

The Professionals is an established guild on Wyrmrest Accord, we formed in Late Wrath and have grown into an end game guild that pushes for the new content. We are a low drama guild that posts what we expect from our members clearly and will replace those not living up to that our standards. We are currently looking for some new blood to add to our roster.

Raid Times (All raid times are PST):
-Tuesday, Thursday - 7 pm to 10pm
-Sunday - 7 pm to 10pm
-Monday - 7 pm to 10pm

Current Openings:

Exceptional Apps Always Considered.

- Team Player: Guild progression comes first
- 90% raid attendance for Raider rank, 90%% for Core and above
- You must have Mumble and a working microphone
- Be knowledgeable of your class. Know how to listen. Be an asset.
- Know all fights before you get there. If you haven't raided it before go watch a video and read the posted strategies.

Server First Heroic Madnesss

Loot Council is used for loot. We believe that the loot is not yours, it's the raids. Whatever helps the raid helps everyone.

Guild support:
- Guild Vault provides Cauldrons, Feasts, Potions, Gems, and Enchants for Core Raiders
- Compensation added for people who help with supplies at start of expansion

Dual specs:
All raiders are required to have 2 raiding specs with appropriate gear.

In game contacts:
Jace, Barfington, Surrender
If you wish to find out status of your application look for me in game or send me a PM on the forums.

Also, Since this is for the next expansion, you do not have to pay money to transfer. Gear means nothing, so if you wished to just level a fresh toon, and see if you fit in or not :)
*Who are we?
We are: <Nothing is Eternal> Korgath-Horde , a 25 man guild that has a tenacious foundation of players that have remained strong through years of progression.

We are 6/8 HM in 25 man guild that takes raiding seriously but in a laid back, outgoing environment.

We are cool, calm, and collected and believe that screaming at people out of frustration or anger in raid only causes people to perform worse.

In order to maximize our progression we provide the flasks, enchants for core raiders, and feasts. We ask that you bring pots and positive attitudes so that we can succeed as a whole.

*Who are you?

You are a strong player seeking a fun and positive environment with like-minded players to accomplish progression for the remainder of this content, into Mists, and beyond. We are searching for players that are at least 4/8 hm and 395+ eilvl.

We are open to any skilled dps, but have high need of a warrior, shadow priest, or hunter.

*Still interested?

Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:45 PM – 10:15 PM PST.

If this suits you either app at http://nothingiseternal.guildomatic.com/guild_application/apply
or feel free to contact any of us in game and add us on real id to discuss possibilities.
Icewing – GM (Nelsen.Salling@live.com)
Stormshade – Raid Lead (Dameons_home@yahoo.com)
Laced – Officer (wow.laced@gmail.com)Visit our website for more details!

We appreciate your time ^^
Guild: <Lazy Peon>
Server: Boulderfist
Progression: Group 1 8/8 heroic, group 2 5/8 heroic
Set up: 10 man
GM: Biochem (Blcktongue)
Recruiting officer: Cinnibuns (Cinnebunz)
Site: lazypeonbf.wowstead.com
Raid times: Tues, Thurs, Mon 7-10 PST
My realid mans_laura@yahoo.com
Short ...

Simple ...


To the point ...

Come join us for Mists of Pandaria and beyond!

<Duality>, 8/8 HM is now recruiting for our main raid. We converted to 25 man at the start of Dragon Soul and finished the tier US 56th.

We raid Wed., Thurs. and Mondays from 7:30PM to 11:30PM (Eastern). We are on Zul'jin Horde, a PvE server that runs on EST time zone with a Horde to Alliance ratio of 1:0.96 on a Chicago Datacenter.

This is a link to our logs on World of Logs:


Please take a look to make sure you can compete with our current members before contacting us. Unlike most other 25 man guilds we main a very tight roster so all raiders and recruits see extensive raid oppurunities.

If you are interested or have any questions contact us at:

Main: Nostradamuz @ Zul'jin
Real Id: wowemail0307@gmail.com

Main: Natura @ Zul'jin
Real Id: beowoulf55@gmail.com

Main: Hightìmes (alt+0236) @ Zul'jin
Real Id: justingillo@gmail.com


Apply at our website: http://duality-guild.enjin.com/

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