STANCE DANCE: PvP arms warrior

I have a question concerning stance dance for pvp. All the guides that I have read said that stance dance is no longer necessary, is this true? What exactly is stance dance? When I PvP in bg or arena I switch from battle to defensive stance when I need to pop shield wall/spell reflect or when I need to disarm someone, should I be doing this? Should I expand my stance usage to include Berserker stance when in times of low aggro?

Any general tips for playing a pvp warrior would also be greatly appreciated :D

p.s. I have both stance's macros to wheel up and wheel down so when I use the macro it also instantly equips my one hand/shield for defensive and 2h for battle stance.
I don't have all that much PvP experience, but stance-dancing is still required in some situations. You don't need to change stances to pop shield wall, but to disarm and spell reflect you do, and those are still very necessary spells, so I wouldn't say that you never have to dance, but it isnt nearly as required as it was before.
You dont have to stance dance to Spell Reflect, you just need to have on a shield which can be macro'd. Disarm is really the only thing you need to stand dance for and Intervene.
Not too sure stance dance is the best term here. I see it as constant changing of stances. In pvp it's situational whereas in pve it's part of the rotation. I stay battle stance for pvp for the time being. Once I get better I might add in the macros for other stuff.

It's easier to manage if you just stay in battle stance and keep a macro for the situational stuff like disarm, shield wall, spell reflect.

Just my opinion. Don't take it as it's the best choice. Decide for yourself and do what works best for you.
Stance dancing was more of a Vanilla to BC art form until they revamped arms and made overpower a main attack. Used to only need to overpower vs rogues and feral druids because it was based off someone dodging. There was no Thirst for Blood in the talent tree.

Charge was a longer CD back then too and not useable in combat so there was more of a use for intercept. There were also more usable attacks in berserker stance. Used to have swap into battle stance if you wanted to overpower than back into berskerker to DPS. Had to swap into defensive to spell reflect or disarm, etc....

It was a more interesting play style you could probably see it done in the old Warrior movies back when warriors were actually something to be afraid of.

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