Got an SoR Email despite not being eligible.

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This morning I woke up and checked my email, I got a Blizzard Email that mentioned the Scroll of Resurrection.
So immediately I assume it's spam since I know for a fact I didn't qualify. But I read it to be safe. So I read everything, and a character name I never heard of sent it. I did some reading and most of the links looked legit, but since this was early in the morning I can't remember all of it. Deleted it to be safe but I still have no idea if it was a scam or some other such.
I'm really asking if this has happened to anyone else, if it was a mistake, or if there are SoR Scams out there.
And before you ask, yes I checked the SoR page. It said I'm definitely not eligible.
This seems to be the new phishing method of preference.
Ah hah! I figured as much. Those Phishers are getting clever, aren't they?
I read about this in a related thread that you just happened to post in minutes before I saw this, haha.
It basically matched everything I saw this morning.
I'm glad to be told this was just a phishing ruse.
I did open the email in browser though, as I said. I didn't click anything though. Then deleted it and immediately emptied the trash.
Am I still safe, though? I mean, I opened it and let the fake email load... Can't be too safe, right?
If you didnt enter your account info, you should be good. Very few of those sites use malware, they mostly rely on social engineering (fooling you into entering your info) as it is much easier for them.
Very good to hear.
I thank you for your assistance.
If I get the email again though, I'll be sure to contact Blizzard about it.
I received this email twice in the last week from a person named espinoza which I have never heard of.
The best way to double check an offer that is supposedly from 'Blizzard' is to log into Account Management.

Most things will show there if the offer is legitimate, no need to go clicking on links at all - or even seeing the email (say a spam filter ate it), the offer would be able to be claimed directly from Account Management itself.

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