Back from Deployment, LFG [H]

Hello all.

Just returned from a deployment and looking to join an active guild. Have R1 titles on this toon and R1 on my DK as well as H 8/8 DS, but I am mainly looking for a guild that has people that log on and have good times.

So, while I get back into the swing of things, if you are part of a lvl 25 guild that is fun and good to be around, send me a message. It doesnt matter to me about your progression: as long as the people are fun to be around.

You must've been gone a long time man. Everyone knows you really can't do much unless you're Alliance here now.
Hello, sir, thank you for your service :)

Are you interested more in Pvp or pve? There are a few guilds to choose from:

Off in the woods
The Brew Masters

There are a few others but they escape me right now....
Spear, I'd like to suggest Off in the Woods - we do have a fairly active roster with plenty of fun folks. We may be trying to get a DS25 going this week depending. We'll see. :3
Well, I was deployed for 7 months, and DS was before that and we did have internet, believe it or not. Was it reliable? No. Did we get to log in often? H3ll no.

But the guild I came from was mainly all military = didnt need skype: we just looked over our shoulder to talk. Coordination at its finest.

Anyway, I'll look into the guilds mentioned. The only reason I am Horde is because I know alliance are now (but not always were) the better PvP. My R1 Dk came from Suit up in Frostmourne and most of my IRL, non-military friends are Alliance.

I just needed a change of pace aka switched to Horde

If any other guilds are out there, let me know, and thanks.
not much else we could do. Literally 'Ride or Die' together, irl and WoW
05/01/2012 11:56 AMPosted by Busybee
not much else we could do. Literally 'Ride or Die' together, irl and WoW

lol ok Tupac
Yeah, this thread is a big lie, why dont you post from your r1 toon 8/8 DS hm toon? TRYNA LOOK COOL DUDE???????????????

HEY EVERYBODY!!!! WE HAVE A BIG FAT PHONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look up Spearpoint on Bleeding Hollow, my DK
Audioz on Frostmourne

Multirank 1's and 8/8 HS.

Anything else? You want a screenshot of me /waving in real life, or how about some cheetoz?

I really dont care if you believe me or not (no, really, I dont). Go hug your cat or something.

Anyway, keep me posted on any open guilds.
You want a screenshot of me /waving in real life.....

I do!!!!

Seriously though....just whisper any officer in those guilds' officers and I'm sure they'll invite you....not many horde guilds check these forums for recruitment :/
I salute you and give my thanks.
Hey Spear,

We are new to the server and in the process of expanding our brand to the Horde side here on KT. Check us out, any questions let us know.
This is our Alliance guild on Darkspear US if you are looking for a reference.
05/02/2012 01:47 AMPosted by Triggerhappy
This is our Alliance roots on Darkspear US in case you are looking for a reference.

You have 2 hunters with the same name!!

P.S. Have you ever met Swifty?

P.S.S. Can you tell him I said hi?

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