Charge/Intercept macro?

Hi, this is my first Warrior and I'm trying to make a macro to cast Charge or Intercept using one button. If Charge isn't on cooldown, I want it to cast that. If Charge is on cooldown, then cast Intercept.

I've tried searching for macro's and creating some on my own but I can't get it quite right. Here's a few of the things I've tried:

/cast [nomodifier] Charge
/cast [modifier:shift] Intercept

This works somewhat, but the first time I click it both are cast. It doesn't always double cast, so I'm guessing it tries to cast both and sometimes it can and sometimes it can't. I don't think my syntax is quite right? After one is on CD it seems to even out, but that screws the first part of the fight up.

/castsequence reset=15 Charge, Intercept

This works, but if you accidentally click it twice it goes crazy?

I don't mind use a modifier key for Intercept, but I'd rather not have to use modifier's for both.

Try this instead of the first one:
/cast [mod:shift] Intercept; Charge
Your syntax should be all right, but if it's giving you problems, it's giving you problems. This syntax should fix it. If not, my first guess would be a keybinding conflict of some sort (e.g., having one of the abilities bound to shift+key from some previous keybinding that's hidden now).

I use the castsequence myself, and just remember not to double-tap/spam it*. Both Charge and Intercept are off the GCD, so if you're far enough from the target, you've got time (distance) to Charge, then Intercept partway there, which is what's happening in that case.

*In theory. In reality, I do it all the time anyway.

I should probably learn not to spam it, what do you use as the reset time? 15s? I found one through Google that had it set to 7s and I wasn't sure why.
I use 15 seconds. Regardless of where you set it, you can find yourself in situations where one of the two is available, but the macro is stuck on the other one. It all just depends on when you need to use them and whether you hit the button while something's unavailable, etc. 15 seconds has just been the compromise that's worked best for me.

Actually, now that I think about it, I added shift as a reset just in case:
/castsequence reset=15/shift Charge, Intercept
So if I hit it with shift, it'll start over and try to Charge, in case the macro is stuck on Intercept while Charge is available.
Thanks for the help!
As protection I'd use a warbringer macro if I were you:
/castsequence [harm] reset=15 Charge, Intercept; [help] Intervene

As arms (correct me if I'm wrong) you won't be using intercept since it and charge share a CD.

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