Embarassing moments in your time as a rogue..

On Hand of Protection.

Back during Lich King, we'd be clearing trash, and I'd shut down so many melee that the raid leader would actually yell at me.

Then I started Divine Intervention him on farm bosses, just to !@#$ his healing.

I also would salv the tanks.

They all didn't know how to make cancel aura macros.

Warrior dps: "Lumi, why is your damage so low?"

DPS DK: "I don't know I was doing my rotation-GOD DAMN YOU HELLISH."

Hellish: "You're so blonde. Pay attention to your buffs."

I was so blindly drunk during ICC that I don't remember half of it. The entire tier.

The best part? That guild gave me a ten man raid group to lead. While totally wasted. Then we progressed. Really stuck in their craw.

I don't so much have an embarrassing moment as a rogue, so much as my entire career as a rogue. Anything I could do wrong, I have done wrong.

One of the best though, was the fact that when I went to go pick pocket haraga, somehow did it wrong and aggroed her.

I don't even know.
i can't think of things I've done in my early days of playing my rogue. but a few things i remember are, using killing spree and getting cleaved by shannox(believe me it happened) it was on some incline or something and in a weird position. i also recall being very ansey when doing rag attempts and i would forget to trix tank,rip aggro and get one shot. i can picture rag now, turning all the way torwards melee and taking a swing at me with his hammer. fyi i now evasion at the start of boss fights where you sit right on boss pre pull. like uktraxion, that's usually only if Im not confident about the tank, LFR ect.
That reminds me...

Back when Trial of the Crusader first came out... I got a Combat Rogue killed right off the bat.

I hadn't raided as my rogue in a while and in the same day I hit 80 cleared Nax, most of Ulduar, everything in Vault of Archavon and then moved on to TotC. So I was riding high when I went on up to Icecrown with all my newly acquired shiny purples.

So, here we are, first boss and I'm enjoying this wonderful new ability, Tricks of the Trade. I was so excited to use it, so I tricks the Combat Rogue as we start, they pop everything they've got and start to go to town. Now normally, it wouldn't be an issue with aggro and the tanks we were in there with, but I'd also tricksed the rogue and went full tilt on the boss.

Needless to say... The Combat Rogue explodes not even two seconds into the fight.

Tank 1: "What happened to her?"
Tank 2: "Must've used Kill Me Spree."
Me: "Yeah, that's what happened to her..."

Another funny one... My guild leader at the time was on his alt rogue and we found ourselves dropped into The Occulus for our random dungeon. He's in mid-sentence, telling me how he can "rogue it up" better than anyone he knows when he hits Killing Spree on a pack of whelps.

Needless to say, I watch this guy do one bounce, two bounces and on the third bounce he flashes over to a whelp flying over the empty space to the side of the path. He hangs in mid-air for a second and then drops like a stone to his death, Wile E. Coyote style.

We had to stop the run for several minutes while we all tried to catch our breath from laughing so hard.
was lvl 40 something in stv back in wrath and was waiting by the road to gank lowbies going by..sat myself with my back to a tree in stealth and waited for a noob to run by..sat for about 10 minutes before i got restless and keyboard turned to go back around the tree and i'm all of a sudden face to face with this huge frickin kodo mount ACK.. tauren waves at me and smiles. i almost c*!*@d my pants. i wonder how long he'd been standing behind me? i was truly embarrased...i must have made him laugh his head off to so thoroughly caught me..i was stealthed the whole time.

RE BoP, I use a cancel aura macro. I actually baked it into my Ultrax Extra Button one.

The BoP I can handle just the life grips kill me the most. XD
I got our pally to do hand of salvation on our tank during H morchok, so the other rogue would get aggro on Kohcrom. Funniest thing watching him evasion tank, then die then half our raid go to !@#$ and scramble to down him.

Good times.
While leveling my rogue, was in Stonecore with a few friends. They asked me to sap to set up a pull. "Sure! I got this!" And slid into position...

And forgot I wasn't stealthed. O.O; Managed to get out a /y AVON CALLING! As I went down.

There was a good chuckle at my expense afterwards. ^^;
Every time some one reminds me I don't exist.

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