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I was wondering what priest spec was the best for healing in a bg. Is it holy or discipline, because discipline has penance and thats good for healing and doing damage, but holy has the stun.
At level 20, disc is probably better. At 85 in battlegrounds I go holy and have a great time. Have no idea about arena.

not sure if you are f2p, if so lvl 20 is max
then at low levels i found disc to be the best( i swear if they do the nerfs to priests they promised in mop something inside of me will die...just a little..i like my priest waaay too much)
For reference, Disc is ALWAYS the better healing PvP spec, whether it be at lvl 20 or lvl 85. There are some people who play Holy in random BGs at max level, but they have a lot less survivability than Disc does. It does fine for the random battleground scene, but anything past that it's Disc. Holy is also not really viable in Arenas past maybe 1k rating and any RBGs, due to the fact that healers = focus target and like I said, Holy lacks PvP survivability.

Enjoy your priesting experience. :D
[/quote]why, never doubt my f2p priest capabilities.95% of the time ill be topping the heals scoreboard in any given bg.[/quote]

LOL, same here.

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