Deepholm quest line died.. how do I revive?


I quested in Deepholm and kind of lost track of where I was. Based on Wowhead, I had completed 71/116 quests. I am trying to complete this quest line for Therzane rep, but I am stuck and I have no active quests. If I use wowhead and goto the quests that I did not complete, the starting person is nowhere to be found.

Any idea how I can get my quest line started?

Dropping a Cataclysm quest is one of the easiest ways to make your life hard in WoW.

Do you remember where you left off? There's the 3 main parts where you get the pillar pieces(metal dwarves, therazane, alliance gunship I think?), then the final part when you fight off the Twilight people.
I do not.. it was weeks ago that I last touched it ahhhh sigh.. wish i could just redo ALL of them sigh...
Get the addons Wholly and Grail. They should know what you have done, and what you can still do. They will tell you where the quest giver is for the quests you can do. If you have TomTom they can have TomTom add an arrow to the quest givers too. Enjoy.
thanks! i will try that
That worked!! awesome new addon!

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