Gundrak is Dead

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This is my 1st week playing in a year or so and what the hell happened to Gundrak it has such a terrible population we havent been able to win a Tol'Barad in a PVP server because we only have 7-15 people doing Tol'Barad every time it happens. Does blizzard have any plans at all to help the people stuck in a dead realm without having to pay because this is just sad.
Yup, Their plans is to wait till its dry then make people pay 25 dollar transfers

Blizzard = Money Troll
Business = Money.
Take a look in Aman'thul.
Only places with players are Stormwind and around the Orgrimmar flight master.
Even major cities like Exodar and Silvermoon are utterly deserted.
Yeah Gundrak is a ghost town. I'm not paying $25 to realm change tho so I guess I'm stuck here for now..
come to saurfang!
04/28/2012 10:08 PMPosted by Snokey
come to saurfang!

04/28/2012 06:40 PMPosted by Eumaadbruh
Take a look in Aman'thul.

More like Aman'fail :P

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