8/8H <Best Tuesday Ever> LF Ranged DPS

Best Tuesday Ever is a recently transferred hardcore guild in the process of switching from 25man raiding to 10man raiding. Since the beginning of Cataclysm, we have been rapidly improving our core raiding team as we climb progression. Each tier we have ranked significantly better than the last (See below). We are looking for a couple players to help us continue this trend into Mists of Pandaria.

We want players who will be a good fit for our guild and community. We are all extremely active, we have been playing with each other for years - often playing other games, such as League of Legends/Starcraft 2, outside of raids together - and we expect anyone we recruit to have a positive attitude towards progression raiding. We raid only 9 hours a week, so want all our players to understand their class inside-and-out, utilizing their role to its full potential.

Ranks at the end of each tier:

Tier 11 13/13H 10man US #298
Tier 12 7/7H 25man US #179
Tier 13 8/8H 25man US #84

Recruitment is open for:

Frost DK
Balance Druid
All healing classes

Exceptional applications will - of course - always be considered.

Raid Times:

7:30PM - 10:30PM CST Monday-Wednesday

Contact Information:

Ackri (O), Yumm (O), Siuss (O)

RealID Contact: WoWAcri@gmail.com
Email: WoWAcri@gmail.com

just need an exceptional holy paladin. looking for that final puzzle piece to add to our talented roster and get locked in for MoP.
Welcome to KT.
Thanks. Looking forward to actually having a lot of competition within our server once again.
Still looking for an experienced holy paladin.
Hey contact me asap i'm online atm i added darklumyia on real id add me on real id i'm very interested adparedes94@gmail.com
Just logged on real quick. I didn't get a real id request from you. But i tried to add you as well.
still looking
What happened to "No Donkeys?"
The excess people who joined <No Donkeys> after the transfer to Alleria for 25m went to some backwater server. All the original <No Donkeys> members from Durotan are in <Best Tuesday Ever>.
Still in search of an experienced holy paladin.
sent a real id
I put down our gm's real id, wasn't sure if i'd be on. add me if you're on right now.
to the top
Bump for website being up and functional now
Still looking for an exceptional holy paladin... i know you're out there somewhere. come play with the big boys.
bump for finals being over
04/30/2012 04:28 PMPosted by Darklumiya
bump for finals being over

Grats :)

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