[A] Abraxas - NZ 10m Raiding (8/8hDS)

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Abraxas> is an New Zealand-timezone 10man progression oriented raiding guild.

Raid Times:

Wednesday - 7:30 - 11pm
Thursday - 7:30 - 11pm
Sunday - 6:30 - ~9:30pm
Monday - 7:30 - 11pm (early in progression)

NZ Time (Server Time + 2 for most of the year)

We are always recruiting highly experienced, knowledgeable NZ-timezone players of most classes for forthcoming MoP content. Preferably ranged DPS.

We are a top guild on Dath'Remar, with a solid core of experienced players interested primarily in progression raiding. We are currently looking for mature, dedicated and knowledgeable players interested in reliable raiding 3-4 nights a week. We offer experienced raid leadership, progression-oriented raiding, a positive guild and raid environment and raiding times suitable for Kiwis :)

We respect your choice of a main spec but ask all our raiders to play a second spec when needed (different role when possible). We do not require our raiders to have alts but most of us run an alt raid later friday evenings.

If you are interested, please contact an officer @Dath'remar in-game for questions and/or visit our site to submit an app.

Site: http://abraxasguild.wowstead.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/abraxasguild
Still looking.
Kiwis for MoP
Bump for you guys! Woo yeah!
Yes. Woo.
Still looking for NZ-timezone friendly players, primarily a DPS DK, Warrior or Paladin.
NZ friendly yeah buddy le bump
Thanks fellow kiwi :)

Bump for a guild actively recruiting STR melee DPS (shock horror)
Sweet Gurthalaks to be had.
Bump for NZ! I miss home : (
Bump for Bash <33
Sort of back in business.
Sunshine, lollipops, rainbows and gumbo drops to be had.
Up you go.
i have a 398 dk tank on dath. only think keeping me off a 400+ ilvl is a lfr ring and boots, hope to fix that this weeks raid. have 8/8hm on a prot/holy paly 6/8hm on this rogue and 3/8hm on my dk
iLevel is not an issue at 30% nerf and with an expansion in a month.
Monk, Paladin or Shaman healers?
Looking for healers who love healing!
Oopma loompa doo pa dee da,
if you are love healing you will go far
You will raid in happiness too
Like Abraxas kiwis
doo pa dee doo!

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