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Hey guys,

im looking for a new guild that is currently progessing through herioc ds. Raid times available would be anytime during the week after 6pm cst. I have 3/8 H DS experience, but i know how all fights go. I prefer to stay within the Horde side, but if a good alliance guild has an offer, i might consider switching. Only 10m guilds please.

We would love to speak with you! Please check out our guild info below. :)

RoD is in current need of 1 healer and 1 dps for our Dragon Soul HM progression and MoP.

<Ring of Destiny> is a successful, stable, adult-oriented raiding guild (5/8 DS HM) on the Velen server. We have been a guild in one MMO or another for over 10 years now, including Everquest, Everquest 2, Vanguard and of course World of Warcraft. Many of our members have played together for years, and some since the launch of Everquest. It is our constant goal to advance the guild forward in a manner that exposes new content, upgrades for our members, and challenges our wits. This guild was created for the player who cares about progression, not just loot. Learning new encounters and doing it with a group of players that have the same interests and want to have fun doing it together.

We raid 8-11pm EST Tues/Wed/Thurs, and we expect our members to raid all three days, sans occasional real-life events. Worried about the hassles you have seen in other guilds? It absolutely does not go on here. We do not allow drama. Those who require constant hand-holding, or just don't fit with the crew, aren't around for very long. Be responsible for your own character/gameplay, and things will be fine.That being said, we recruit mature people that play well with others. We aren't always looking for classes or specs. We are sincerely looking for friends to join the group and expect those that "mesh" to be long term members.

We currently have openings for the following positions for one of our 2 10-man groups: Heal x 1 and DPS x 1. A strong OS is preferred but not necessary.

If you are interested please contact one of the members below or visit our website - - and post any relevant details about your experience as well as an armory link. After your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted for an interview.

What we are like: Most every member is an adult, and we have a lot of couples as well. We do not expect people to eat and breathe the game ( though some of our members do! ). We have our share of PvP addicts along with Heroic Instance running freaks. Honestly, I can't imagine another group of people that I would want to spend my online time with.

Additional Information:
RAID TIMES: Invites start at 7:45 pm EST, First pull 8 pm EST, raid until 11 pm EST Tues/Wed and Thur.

We currently run 2 10-man teams to work on progression content. Both are at the same level of progression. We do not run an elite or gimped group.

Loot Distribution: We distribute loot via Loot Council. Some of the deciding factors we weigh are... participation, dedication, performance & current piece equiped are all part of this mix. If you aren't as ''hard-core'' as some doesn't matter. If you are helping, you will get geared.

For more information, feel free to add the following members to your RealID, visit our website, or e-mail us. We will get back to you promptly.

Ring of Destiny's Contact Members:
Cihcad RealID -
Crichton RealID -
Toth - Guild Leader

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