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Someone from Blizzard can run this search and do the calculation.

Search all toons/accounts for those that have every achievement required for the Children's Week Meta - EXCEPT School of Hard Knocks.

Of those what percentage virtually NEVER PvP (say, fewer then 5k Honorable Kills).

Of those, what percentage have over 5000 achievment points. (The non-PvP achievers. Known in game design parlance as the "social" and "achiever" templates, rather than the "killer" or "explorer" templates. i.e. the bread and butter subscribers.)

Now for the final two calculations. How many of those are missing only School of Hard Knocks from the What a Long Strange Trip achievment?


How much good will do you think would be generated by handing a free mount to all those people who keep renewing their subscriptions solely for non-PvP achievements?

(HINT: when they run out of achievements they feel they can earn the game ends for them. If this is "unachieveable" or given-away the effect is the same, they leave. But if "given away" the granting of 2 formerly unaccessible achievements MAY encourage them to attempt other "formerly unaccessible" achievements. Either way you aren't OUT anything, and you may gain [Scroll of Resurrection] or at least not lose subscriptions.)

To all the haters, I have the meta, I'm posting on my main. I'm clearly an achiever, I'm clearly non-PvP. So is my wife, who is 1/2 School away from hers, since last year.
PS. Please save me from another year of hearing about this. We both suck at, hate, and avoid PvP. I just got lucky. Ever been lucky and your spouse wasn't? Doesn't make for pleasant home life.
What is your point?
Well what about those who already did it? Should they get a FoS or something?

Really I know the achievement sucks, but it is not impossible to do.
Stop being a baby.
It's World of WARcraft.
Not World of Slaying Dragons in LFRcraft.

I'm at war with the dragons.
You could just, maybe, not do the achievement?
04/29/2012 07:36 AMPosted by Niialuna
It needs changed.

No it doesn't..

It is 100% optional.

The drake can be replaced by any one of the god knows how many other flying mounts in the game.

The flight speed can be bought at the flight master.

Again it's 100% optional to do. It is not mandatory. It does not need to be changed to cater to people. If they did that then what about removing PvE requirements on achievements so then people who hate and lothe PvE can get the drakes from the raids? Or the meta or anything else for that matter?

Why not mail people all the drakes on account creation as it's 'too hard' to do anything in this game...
04/29/2012 07:42 AMPosted by Niialuna
It's also 100% optional for Blizzard to allow PvPing in WoW, they need to choose to stop

PvP and faction based conflict is what the game was based off to begin with, starting with warcraft orcs vs humans.
If you would look at the notice at the bottom left of the login splash screen you might see this notice...

"Game Experience May change During Online Play."

That is all.

If you would notice the FoS tab you might see that outdated content or changed content usually become FoS's.

That is all.
04/29/2012 07:39 AMPosted by Osmeric
You could just, maybe, not do the achievement?

Point missed entirely.

If the REASON you play is to earn achievements, and nothing else...

Allow me to demonstrate:

"Blood DKs are over-powered in PvP (note: this is hyperbole, i don't have any knowledge if this is true or not) and no one can beat them."

Easy reply "Well, PvP is optional, so just quit PvP if you can't beat Blood DKs."

If you ONLY PvP, that's not really a solution is it? Then neither is "simply don't do it" for an achieve-grinder.
04/29/2012 07:44 AMPosted by Waraila
PvP and faction based conflict is what the game was based off to begin with, starting with warcraft orcs vs humans.

This is not Orcs vs. Humans though. World of Warcraft is a PvE based game with PvP thrown in.

04/29/2012 07:48 AMPosted by Runslower
If the REASON you play is to earn achievements, and nothing else...

Then you do the achievement, no matter how insane it may make you. You may whine about it, but just do the achievement.
They've already said they're not changing it. Years ago. Stop being a weenie and get it done.

Ask in guild/trade if anyone else wants to queue up with you. Makes it easier than it already is.

04/29/2012 07:46 AMPosted by Niialuna
(i.e. Faction champs in ToC),

Unfortunately the general consensus is that ToC sucked horribly. I'm seemingly one of ten people that enjoyed it.
Orcs vs humans was player vs player.

It was faction based rts, which tends to mean against other players when broadened out to include other people.

Same with Wc2 and 3.

PvP was part of the whole reason why we have 2 factions... it's why both factions are hostile to each other.... otherwise this wouldn't be warcraft...

If you don't like pvp that's fine, but to try to force blizz to remove an achievement that is supposed to include ALL aspects of the game then that is where the line is drawn.

World events are NOT solely pve achievements, they involve pvp and that is how it was intended in the first place. Simple as... PvP is part of the WORLD of warcraft.,

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