Blessed Medallion of Karabor

I want to earn this item on my level 85 Worgen Priest, but I can not figure out which pre-reqs still exist? Can I just start the chain inside Serpentshrine, or do I need to get the original attunement quest?

Thanks in advance
I think I'd like to know this as well, Wowhead comments are mixed and I didn't know about that item yet -- have you checked the Scryers/Aldor NPC to see if they have that Tablets quest? That's probably what I'd do, and if they didn't, head into SC.
I'm pretty sure you have to follow the whole chain from the beginning. I got my medallion last year but I know that I had to start from Shadowmoon and that I couldn't pick up the one in SSC until after I had gotten to that step in the old chain.

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Medallion is still obtainable, but you may need to begin the full attunement to get it.

First quest is from either Scryers or Aldor, depending on which one you are aligned with.

Tablets of Baa'ri is name of the quest.
has pretty much all you need to follow it through.
Just started this chain and i can confirm it starts with the tablets of Baar'ri as mentioned above.
however to be able to get that quest you need to choose a faction from the Aldor or the Scryers before. to be able to do that you have to go to Shatrath and talk to the Haggard war veteran and complete the 2 quests that follow. After you complete that step you will get the option to side with one of the two factions.
Happy hunting!

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