<The Soul Asylum>'s late night needs more!

Area 52
<The Soul Asylum>'s late night raid group is looking for more! We are a fairly new group and are doing normal DS at the moment. We have downed 8/8, but with a couple pugs, which we would like to fix by getting some new guildies! We are all very experienced in raiding and dealing with any problems that may arise in the midst of raiding. We look forward to raiding with you in the future and killing some heroics very soon!

Raid: Dragon Soul 10

Raid Times: Friday, Saturday 1am-4am.
-note the raids are at friday morning and saturday morning server time.

--Currently need--
Melee dps (DK or Warrior)
1 Tank (DK or Pally)

!Must join guild!

Please send in game mail to kashall, whisper kashall, or post on this page with your class/role/ilvl/experience with DS.

Have a good day!
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You guys still looking for a rogue? If so Im a 385ilvl rogue. Done 8/8 many times.
We are actually, just had a melee dps drop out due to medical problems so we need a melee. What times are you online? Reply here or send me an ingame mail.
I'm free Tuesdays, Wednesday/Thursday(just not 8-11), Friday/Saturday/Sunday(Just not10-12). Work hours are stupid. Other then that im game for whenever
I will add you to friends in game and keep an eye out for you I am usually on Kashall or Katic
Im in your guild at the moment but havent been on since Im trying to gear out my others and level my dk lol.
Gotta talk to you before thursday at least
Our raids end around your start time on Friday night. Hit us up if you ever need help.
bump for tank and dps

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