Children's week ....Biscuit

What is this lame reward for doing the Children's week quests in Stormwind? A biscuit??? Really? An no achievement to boot? I don't know who the genius programmer was that thought this up but they should be fired! Blizz you are really going downhill fast. Suspect MOP will be the last edition...
I believe one of the bigger goals for Children's Week is to participate in various activities with your orphan in addition to the quests they ask you to do.
Dude, have you fed a biscuit to an orphan? They get wicked huge.
The rewards are pets and the biscuit. I assume the biscuit is after you have all the pets.
I can agree with that. However, if you are going to offer a reward at the end of the questline, atleast make it one worthwhile! A box of 25 "magical" biscuits is about as lame as it gets. AND no achievement of any kind to boot. Dumb....really ....dumb!
There are achievements for children's week. Have you done those? And you can get the Outland orphan and Dalaran orphan as well. Each have their own quests to do.
You are missing the point! A box of biscuits are a far cry from a "pet". The biscuits will get used up and be gone. kaput! Fini! Done! Where as a pet, that you DO get an achievement for by the way, you will always have! I don't care how you slice it or how much makeup you put on it, a pig is still a pig. And the "magical biscuit" is a PIG!

And yes, I'm aware of the outland and northrend quest and am doing them. Doesn't change what I said above.
Now, I'll grant that the armory isn't always perfect, and you could possibly be talking about a different toon, but going by what you're posting on, you don't have the achievements or any of the pets for the holiday.
I guess I don't understand your complaint. No there isn't an achievement for turning the orphan in, there are pets available once you do all the orphan quests and return him. You only get those once a year, so pick wisely.

There are a bunch of achievements though. Open your achievement page and scroll down to World events. Click on children's week. They are listed there. Doing the orphan quests won't get you achievements, just gold and guild rep if you need it.
I'm posting on a different toon than the one I'm running for Children's Week. Stormwind was the first. Just started Outlands....
No, there are no quests for turning in the Orphan. However, when you pick a pet, you get one, right? Now....If you pick the stupid biscuits, you get NOTHING! And you can only summon/use/enjoy the biscuits 25 times before they are all used up? Hope that explains it!
Not everything rewards you with a pet or mount as a reward. Sometimes you get biscuits. Such is life.
If you have all 4 pets, and don't want the gold from the quests, or the biscuits, then there is no point to running the Shattrath one on that character. Net every quest will reward a achievement, pet, mount or title, sorry. The achievement for the Shattrath version of Children's week was to collect 3 of the original companions, one for each year, a 4th was added last year, and the buscuits this year.
You can PICK a pet. And if you read the descriptions, it will tell you if they are a companion.

From this holiday alone there is a title (matron/patron) 110 achievement points, and 10 pets to get.
Then save yourself some time and don't do Children's Week if you've got all the pets?

Frankly, I'd rather the devs, artists and the like kept working on Mist of Pandaria than farting around with a new pet.
*sigh* It's pointless trying to explain to you people. If you offer 6 choices to pick from and 1 is obviously NOT a pet, most sensible, educated people would think that the other 5 are ALL pets. Especially when it says "magical" biscuit! But then, I guess I'm expecting too much to think there is any logic to this game. I'm out.

I am resisting the urge to take that last post, and change it to "think that it would be best to READ the descriptions before picking anything"
Ah, and we get to the heart of the matter. You didn't read the tooltip.

Magical Pet Biscuit

There is nothing in there that even vaguely hints that its a non-combat pet.
The biscuits were added since last year as an alternative for those that already have all the pets. If you don't want them, then don't choose them. You can always choose the satchel that comes with 5g instead and that doesn't have an achievement associated with it either.
So... you chose your reward, and now you don't like it?
Perhaps you should have come to the forum, or one of many other fansites which would tell you about the rewards, show you pictures of the pets, and also give an explaination about the biscuits.

04/29/2012 06:32 PMPosted by Sputty
educated people would think that the other 5 are ALL pets

Educated people would know which pets they need.
Educated people would know the pets are part of an achievement.
Educated people would at least mouse over the rewards prior to selection if they were unsure.

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