Elemental Shaman PvP Advice

I'm going to try and pvp with an elemental shaman. Does anyone know what the best gear choices are to get hit capped/maximize dps? There doesn't seem to be much updated elemental pvp information out there. Thanks.
Make sure to pick up either the pvp cloak or neck (either one works) with spell pen on it. That should be enough to get you spell pen capped. If I'm not mistaken I think the spell hit for pvp is 5%? Also gear with haste and/or mastery will be your best choices since those are ele's 2 strongest secondary stats, and if possible, avoid gear with spirit on it because most specs don't put points into elemental precision so the spirit doesn't benefit you.

However, it's been quite a while since I've pvp'd as ele so if someone else wants to chime in that'd be great, I'm not sure how accurate my knowledge was and/or still is lol.
no....4 Gems i belive

Haste will get you steady damage

Mastery will get you epic burst

Dont get EQ or Feedback and ull be set

Also you cant beat Rogues/warlocks/mages/boomkins/druids or Pro DKs

so avoid them at all costs
that's a lot of classes....

Should I be casting purge in pvp? I know I have bad gear, but I cast it a couple of times and I'm oom.
I have some PvP advice for you, drop ele and roll resto, you will do a lot better.
Shamncheese pretty much hit the nail on the head... And yes you do want to use purge but not if the target has no magical buffs on them. Things you usually wanna purge are power word fortitude/kings/MotW/ and any shields they have on themselves
Ele is fine, don't let people get you down before you try. You will need to be one step ahead of everyone mentally if you want to survive though, but that can be said of all classes, ele just does not have a big defensive cooldown.
1. Get geared, mix some haste into that gear as well where applicable

2. Spell penetration and spell hit are entirely necessary

3. After acquiring those stats, socket the slots that don't give (+intellect) with intellect gems

4. Slots that do give the (+intellect) bonus should be stacked with waste or mastery depending on whether you want burst or steady, constant damage

5. Most of your totems are useful, put them to good use

6. Keep on the run constantly. Ghostwolf should be keybound and unleashed lightning should be glyphed. A melee-based class getting in too close will wreck your !@#$

Other than that, avoid mages entirely. This is the class that I have the most difficult time beating on account of their ridiculous CC and shielding.
The 4 piece set bonus is critical for ele pvp.

Also you cant beat Rogues/warlocks/mages/boomkins/druids or Pro DKs

so avoid them at all costs

That is so true, in general any melee will kill you in less than 10 secs. there isnt nothing to do. I never felt elemental spec so vulnerable in wow like they are in cata (i play since classic).

And the worst part of this, is that people know elementals are horrible, so they will chose you to kill first.

My advice is don't play elemental.
pick something else to play unless you enjoy getting stomped the second most melee classes notice you
Playing ele shaman is challenging, both in arena and in bgs.

On top of all the advice given regarding gear (imho, hit cap (4%) , reforge to mastery/haste 4.4k resil minimum, etc) i do this,

In arena, I glyph Elemental Mastery for the 20% damage reduction while my healing partner charge in to draw fire. This work for low level arena. My partner usually survive their ccs and burst (you probably can't) and you unload all your rotation on them. Ele shaman burst is INSANE. They will be on the defensive with you firing most of the time. This is of course much better than they keep whacking on you and you can't even fire off a lightning bolt.

In bgs, we shine if you keep to one simple rule. That is to stay behind the classes that have defensive cds. That means lots of kiting and running away . I am usually top kills and dps in bgs.

Oh yah, i do have insignia of the corrupted mind. I reforge mostly to mastery and when this proc, my CL are 1s and my lightning are 1.3s.
• Hit cap (410, 4%) > Spell pen (195+)> Haste > Mastery
• Purge vital enemy buffs (wings, shields, hotsteaks, predatory swiftness...etc)
• Ghost Wolf against melee
• Focus wind shear vs casters
• Stay distanced
• Ground vital enemy abilities (counterspell, HoJ, combustion, hot streaks... etc) this takes practice and a lot of presumption skill; example: holy paladin is running at your healer, you might want to drop grounding
• On elevator levels, thunderstorm healers into LoS during swaps or use it against melee
• Your constant damage = lightning bolt + full fulmination (7-9 stacks)
• Execute damage = unleash elements + elemental mastery + badge + lava burst + fulmination x 9
Almost everything people are saying here is good advice, if you have any specific questions I do have a live stream that I try and help other ele's with.

If you're interested:


• Execute damage = unleash elements + elemental mastery + badge + lava burst + fulmination x 9

That's a valid point that i dont think people bring up enough, when a kill window is coming i always sit on 9 stacks and use em lava cl and fulmination which all hit about the same time.
REALLY im a 90 shamman elemetal ive been asking my self if i should go resto...how is it better???
Celic, look at my spec for Elemental. You should go either Haste or Mastery. Here are my tips:

-Ditch Lightning Bolt. It's pointless for PvP/Arenas. It is useful in Battlegrounds but you will most likely be targeted because we are the specification with the least amount of defensives.
- Glyphs should be double purge, lessened movement hindering as ghost wolf and the third you get to pick. I use capacitator.
-Use Nature's Guardian for the first talent as it provides the best amount of defenses over a period of time. Beware that once it wears off the health will be taken off again, so try to heal in those 10 seconds.
-When using Capacitator totem *always* remember that it will spawn to the back-left of your character, meaning that when you drop it your back should always be facing your enemy - as soon as you drop it just pop earthgrab.
-The best way to heal when under pressure is to use Healing Surge twice after a crit (usually lava burst) because Clearcasting enhances heals by 50%. A Lava Burst will not break a Hex, so you can safely Hex an enemy, drop a Lava Burst and heal twice and maybe drop a healing stream/tide.
-Elemental Blast can hit very hard when hit crits + overloads but that happens seldom. It is nonetheless a great spell for a buff.

CONSERVE your mana. If you are fighting a caster that you cannot get close to, just use thunderstorm to get 45k mana back. Don't spam purge or you will go oom in a heartbeat, just use it on big HoTs/Shields/Cooldowns (works wonders on a Mage's altertime or Ice Barrier).

Anything else you wana know just ask!
Love my ele shaman.. I am most always the top dam/dps or right at it in pvp right now. Resto is fun too tho..

Also im usually 2 to 3 lvl below everybody else in the bgs bc just hit 70, but that doesnt seem to hurt as bad as u would think.

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