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Hey everyone!

I'm currently looking for a new raiding that is fairly active and raids during the week. I prefer a guild that starts a little bit later, maybe around 10 pm EST. I also would like to get back into the 25 man scene. I do not mind faction changing is needed and the transfer can happen as soon as you would need me.

A little about myself: I have been playing WoW since vanilla, raiding in pretty much every tier except TBC due to a military engagement. In Cata I have gone 9/13 heroic Tier 11, 6/7 Heroic Tier 12, and currently 4/8 Heroic Tier 13. I did take a break for a little while right after Firelands and started back up a month and a half ago.

I will link my logs. Thanks so much for everyone's time!

I'm from Dragonflight on Frostmane. We're a 25 man guild and one of the very oldest on the servers. We raid 8-11 CST Mon, Weds, Thurs. In addition to PVE, we are creating a PVP group that does World PVP and RBGs. If you're interested, I would love to talk to you. My realid is
Here is a little bit about us. Please add me to RealId if you are interested in talking. Thanks :)

Team Elite of Galakrond is looking to recruit a skilled resto druid for a full time raid spot. We are a guild very dedicated to raiding and want players with the same mindset. Currently 3/8h DragonSoul.

Current needs:
Resto Druid (100% attendance or very close to it)

We take raiding seriously but also have a laid back environment where we don't try to put people down or insult them. We believe strongly in working together to succeed

Raid Schedule:

Saturday & Sunday @ 500pm PST (800 EST)

Contact Strixx, Alarris, Phrosen, Lysergia, or Lilnazty in game if you are interested. Thanks
What about 10m ? If interested into a semi-casual guild please check out my thread !
If you are considering 10 man Alliance guilds we can offer you a CORE spot next reset. We will be working on H spine so let me know what you think. Thx

RealID =


US-Stormreaver (PvP)
Central Standard Time
Chicago Datacenter

6/8 Heroic DS
7/7 H Firelands

Raid Days:
Tuesday 8:00pm - Midnight
Wednesday 8:00pm - Midnight
Monday 8:00pm - 11:00pm (Optional day used for progression)

Thanks for Reading, hope to hear from you soon
Hello Tiktaks

We are an Alliance guild < Coherence > on the Stormrage server. Guild Progression is 5/8 Heroic. We are currently recruiting for our 25 man team, and have a spot open for a Resto Druid.
Raid times are Tuesday - Thursday 9:45pm-1am EST (6:45pm-10pm PST)

A little about us:

Coherence is a group of adult, mature raiders that share a common vision: a skilled, progression raiding environment with a reasonable raiding schedule. We take raiding seriously and progress quickly, but we refuse to lose sight of what’s truly important – having fun and maintaining balance!

For more information look us up on wowprogress com

If you are interested, please go to our website and register with the player's name you wish to raid. Click on Recruitment Tab to complete the application.

You can contact: Our Recruiting Officer Naviaa, or any of our other Officers: Egonomic, Vylanis, Rootee, or Hamwater in game.

Thank you,
Naviaa (Real ID:
<Vs The Universe> HM 10 Guild.
Server - Fizzcrank
- We're a newly transferred guild there and we want to progress past 5/8 HM.

Current Progression:
5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul
6/7 Heroic Firelands

Raid Times:
6:30-10:00 server, Tues & Weds. We will be going back to a 3 night a week schedule in Mists (Tues/Weds/Thurs)

Real id - / Request me and please put a reason.
Tue/Wed 10pm-1am PST/server
Currently 6/8 H DS


Who we are:
We are a solid team of mature adults who have been raiding together since June 2011. We raid 2 nights a week and have become a "casual hardcore" 10m. Our time is important to us so we raid with a progressive mentality.

What we value:
PUNCTUALITY! Your time is precious as so is ours. We don't allow tardiness, no-showing, and overall rude behavior. We communicate clearly our goals, intentions, and thoughts. Overall, we log onto raid and we have become a group of friends through positive raiding.

Why should you join us:
Are you looking for a team that values your talents as a raider? Do you tire of showing up on-time to raids and others being late? Are you tired of the hassle of raiding with children? You expect the best and so do we. Be elite and join us.

Server: Hyjal
Guild: Lucid
<Square One> is a Level 25 raiding guild with members that have raided since vanilla. We are currently looking to expand into a 25man. We are recruiting all classes. However, we are need of Holy Pally,Resto Shaman, and Resto/Boomkin Druid. We are also looking to absorbing a group. Below is a list of our raid times, and the type of candidates we are looking for. If interested please join us on and fill out an application. Thank you!

Server: Shadowsong (West Coast, PvE, PST Server)
Guild Name: Square One

Raiding Schedule:

Weekday Raid Team:
Tues 6:30PM – 9:30AM PST
Thurs 6:30PM – 9:30AM PST
Mon 6:30PM – 9:30AM PST
Tues 9:30PM – 12:30AM EST
Thurs 9:30PM – 12:30AM EST
Mon 9:30PM – 12:30AM EST

Weekend Raid Team:
Fri 6:30PM – 10:30PM PST
Sat 6:30PM – 10:30PM PST
Fri 9:30PM – 1:30AM EST
Sat 9:30PM – 1:30AM EST

Faction: Horde
Progress: DS 8/8N
What our Guild can offer:

* A relaxed, fun and PROGRESSION raiding environment
* Adult, mature players to interact with
* A great sense of community and belonging
* Ventrilo

Ideal Candidates:

* Are mature, over 16 years
* Possess a working microphone and are not afraid to use it
* Must have ventrio
* Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not explode
* Skilled Player – Skilled in the class that you play and keep up to date on class mechanics.
* Excellent Attitude – No negativity. A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset

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