Mobile Alerts setup thinks my phone's a pager

Mobile Bug Report
Pretty much what's on the box. I cannot get past the enter your phone number section. Upon entering my number it keeps telling me that beepers cannot be used. My phone is very much a phone despite the fact that that is the function I use it for the least. LG Optimus One through Koodo Mobile in Canada.

If it were just a "can't use that in Canada" thing, I'd be fine with it, but a guildee of mine who also is in Canada uses it.
Very interesting. This sounds like a configuration issue on our end. I'll forward this to the web team (who handles this because it's a web service) and hopefully get this addressed soon.
It is quite possible that your number was used as a pager a long time ago. The phone grid isn't that perfect, and some switch somewhere is still marking your number as such. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the past my number was a payphone or something.
I tried to set up mobile alerts and got the same message that my number was a pager. Currently have a iPhone3 with AT&T. I called Customer Service and talked to a Billing Representative regarding this and they told me to post on this forum.
Our engineers are looking into this.

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