Now Funding 50 More Rerolls, 1 Month Vanilla!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Greetings bored citizens of WoW! I am Chubby and I want to be your GuildMaster.

<Zombie Response Squad> is a brand new Reroll Guild who wants to fund YOU with 4 Bags, 50 Gold, a Tabard, and even a Kitty for your new Main, ready for Panda!

We are welcoming Oceanic Players to make new mains for Panda. The guild is only beginning its 5th Day.

Goal: The Goal of this new guild is to level new Characters together to 85 before Panda, to have new mains to play when the expansion starts, together.

Important: We will be shutting off Experience at 60 until we clear all 60 Raids, then at 70, and 80 before leveling to 85. This will give all our new mains all the achievs.

Allowed: BOA's, PvP Gear, DK's, anything you can get at 60, 70 etc.Not Allowed: Transfers, this is rerolls only. If you level past 60, your kicked until we start BC.

Schedule: I will host Raids on Mondays and Thursdays from 7-10. I need 2 other leaders to host another raid night and a PvP Night.

I rolled a DK on Kiljaden Horde (Most Progressed Balanced Server currently) and farmed Ore and Herbs for 2 weeks to fund the guild.

I will give funds that I worked for to the first 10 people of each class, everyone can invite.

I have paid for a new vent, I am extremely serious about the guild.

Whisper Chubbydancer or any member on Kiljaden Horde for an invite and get started!
Very interested, although
what timezone will you be raiding at?

Always wanted to roll a undead Warlock ;D
I thought about that before I posted Proddi, if we get enough Oceanic Rollers we will
change the Saturday Raid time to accomidate you.

Right now we will be raiding for sure 7-10 PM Pacific, Monday and Thursday. I know Oceanic is a variety of times so we are willing to be flexible to making a Saturday raid at a time that would work for the majority.
Well, if you are online once I knock off work I will whisper you :)

Will be rolling a Warlock :)
Great look forward to meeting you :)
We are now at 56 people with several Oceanic Members for anyone interested in joining.
67 folks and giving 33 more :)
I would love to be apart of something like this, what class/es do you have the least of?
I think we have O Resto Druids Resnov, if that interest you.
Have several Oceanic Folks now! Keep on coming guys! :)
bump for teh prawh raids
need more healers, bump for 80 members in 7 days!
bumping at 3am, like a boss
I will gladly play a Resto Shammy
I'm in. What do you need?
Seth, we'll take about everything, but at the moment, I believe we only have 2 mages.

Saix, awesome, contact me or Chubbydancer for an invite.
Sweet, first cow priest for the guild here I come.
Nice! We have no cow priest!
Well guys, we were attuning a few ppl for MC, decided to mess around, and downed the first boss of MC with only 5 ppl. Chubbs got some loot, and the guild is looking awesome.

Also, BUMP.
Sounds fun. Defs sounds fun.
I'll defs join you fellas when I start playing again on the 5th of May :)

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