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Customer Support
If you are looking for support on a particular aspect of the game, please use the following list to find the right location for assistance.

1. Account & Technical Services, Game Masters , Web Chat, Forums, Social Media
2. Bugs, Suggestions, Cheats
3. Reporting a Post/Feedback
4. BlizzardCS Twitter
5. BlizzardTutorial Youtube

Account Services & Technical Services

Start Here: Get Help

Game Masters
Support Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Start Here: Get Help

**Note** Patch 5.3 introduced in-game tools that allows you to access the support site and submit a ticket.

Live Chat
When browsing through the Support Site or when going through the Support Ticket submission entries, you may be presented with a Live Chat option. This option will allow you to interact with a Customer Support representative via a chat window who will assist you with your issue.

Callback Support
Instead of calling a number (and potentially waiting on hold) for support, you’ll use the Blizzard Support Site to set up a callback. Just enter information about your issue after selecting the callback option, along with your phone number, and a Game Master will give you a call back!

Technical Support
Mac Technical Support
Customer Support Forum
UI and Macro Forum

Social Media (For Breaking News, Service Outages or Game Interruption info)

BlizzardCS Twitter
BlizzardTutorial YouTube

**Note**Some cases may still require you to submit a support ticket or otherwise contact Support directly
Bugs, Suggestions, Cheats/Hacks

  • In-Game Bugs - You may submit bugs via our In-Game menu options. Alternatively, you may report bugs in our Bug Report forum.

    Note: If a bug has seriously affected your character in a way that requires Game Master intervention (lost items, reputation, raid progress, etc.), Open a ticket so we may investigate the situation.

  • Suggestions - You may submit suggestions via our In-game menu options.

    Note: By submitting a suggestion, you confirm that the suggestion is your own idea, the idea is not confidential, and you permit Blizzard Entertainment to use the idea publicly with no obligation to compensate you.

  • Cheats/Hacks - You may report a player for hacking or cheating using our Report Player In-Game menu option. Game hacks can be forwarded to

    Note: Please do NOT post such reports on this forum. Threads containing information related to hacks, cheats, or exploits are subject to deletion.
Reporting a Post/Feedback

  • Forum Feedback - To provide feedback on the performance of the community team, forum moderators, or MVPs, please email Please note that while emails sent to this address will likely not receive a response, each one will be read and handled accordingly.

You can follow all Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support news and updates on Twitter. Head over to @BlizzardCS, for the latest Support related news. We will be providing constant updates during maintenance, service outages, events and more.

The feed is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. For EU, please visit the European forum.

Follow us and if you have any feedback for regarding our Twitter feeds, you can e-mail us at

We like to use a lot of #tags on Twitter which help spread our messages to a wide audience and also acts as a helpful consolidation tool for our community. Though the concept of #tags is a very natural one, and tags (and how they are used) generally evolve over time. We have a few set tags that we regularly use on our feeds.

To better help our new followers and clear up any confusion, below is a list of the #Tags we most commonly use in our Tweets.

Universal tags:


#CSforum – Refers to this forum.
#TSforum – Refers to our Technical Support forum. This is usually preceded by a game tag so you know which Technical Support forum it is speaking about.

Support tags:

#CStip – Suggestions and advice on helping you get the most out of our support services and resources.
#Maintenance – Maintenance. Primarily used to announce maintenance/rolling restart schedules and provide necessary updates during maintenance downtime.
#Bnet –!
#Safegaming – Educational Tweets, raising awareness of the importance of computer and account security.
#WoWtech – Tweet will contain tech-related advice or tips.

Fun tags:

#Geekout – A chance to geek-out with us and the rest of the community about your love for Blizzard games.
#Kudos – A tag to use when sharing your positive Blizzard CS experiences on Twitter.
#Feedback – Self-explanatory.
#FFFriday – Fun Fact Friday. A little behind-the-scenes titbit about Blizzard CS.
#TriviaTuesday – A quick 1-day quiz about our games, support services or policies.
#CStrivia – Basically the same as #TriviaTuesday, just not on a Tuesday.

Additional #tags will be added as needed.

Designed to visualize the Blizzard Customer Support Experience and guide viewers through common issues and frequently asked questions, the Blizzard Customer Support YouTube Channel offers a host of fun and helpful videos. With captions in several languages and helpful links to other useful resources, you will find it beneficial to consult the channel before contacting our support teams.

In-Game Features




Links to new videos will be added as they become available. If you wish to provide feedback on the channel or any of the videos, feel free to leave a comment on our YouTube page.

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