End your MOG frustration - Complete sets !

**FULL GLORIOUS available**

Have you known the frustration of finding a complete set? Have you farmed hours and just cannot get those pants or gloves you need? Do you go to the AH *gasp* and find the piece you need not there or priced so that you cannot afford it?

I may be able to help you. I have been hunting "pretties" for a while but have not really gotten into the AH with transmog. I was a collector more or less, but over time I now have 1, 2, no - 3 guild banks full of various pieces. I took the time to start organizing and behold COMPLETE SETS appear before my eyes!

This was a labor of love dedicated to my "inner Barbie". (Yes Bel you got me hooked - you ultimate Barbie) Below are listed the complete sets I have available. Many sets are even complete with weapon, shield, offhand. As I said, this began for me as a collector of pretty things! I am not intending on selling on a piece by piece basis, so I will not be breaking sets. I do have a lot of pieces so if you have a point of frustration - feel free to ask I may have extras.

If you are interested in purchasing one please leave a post here or drop me a note in game. Of course this is a bank alt so you will only find me on this toon briefly. My Horde friends can drop me a note on Cheekimunky.

Please feel free to check back often as this list will be ever-evolving as I have one bank full of "almost there" sets.

Happy Hunting and I hope you can find something here that you just LOVE!

[Leather] Get your Panda decked out early, leather is gonna be HOT come MOP get the best selection early!

Righteous: Silver-grey w/ cloak
Cabalist: black-red w/ cloak (cute woolie type shorts)
Chieftains: tan w/ cloak (unique feather headdress type helm)
Wanderer's: tan (Indie Jones type hat!)
Swashbuckler's: burgandy w/ cloak (arghhh me maties, yes the pirate eye patch set)
Bard's - I do have options for the pieces for which Blizz has no model
Scouting - Black leather (seriously its looking good)
Boneshredder - light grey, almost a fur like look
Webspinner - one of our pleasant surprises, awesome looking set in burgundy/black
Nightshade - black version of serpentskin set, nice nice set


Emerald: really pretty, Emerald Green of course - w/ THE SHIELD!
Revenant: Deep purple, back in stock now w/ SHIELD
Engraved: Darker true red w/ cloak, sexy much sought after set
Conqueror's: Red/gold, back in stock
Templar: a classic in blue/gold
Shattered Hand: more of a realistic look in plate, out of stock it will be back soon
Bloodfist: red/gold - so sexy and fierce!
Saltstone: rare set (OUT WORKING ON NEW ONE)
Lofty: rare set (OUT WORKING ON NEW ONE)


Councillor's: green trimmed with black & gold w/ cloak, pretty caster set
Duskwoven: tunic in subdued coloring with turban (ok guys one that is not a dress!)
Eldr'naan - nice green with purple swirling trim
Gossamer - white/gold unique helm w/ cloak
Buccaneer's - Pirate cloth - arghhhhh can furnish First Mate or Admiral's hat and shoulder options (the model does not have helm/shoulder) back in stock
Abjurer's - royal blue w/ hood - I love this set! back in stock
Ancestral Vest and Woolies - there is nothing further of this model and if you wish I can give you suggestions to complete the look.
Mystical - perfect for the male Draenei imho
Regal - wow this one looks SO good, back in stock
Cloth Continued.... and oh they are GOOD ONES

Silver-Thread: black w/ of course silver looking thread through it, sleek look
Elegant: Robes, pants, vest - 2 looks in one; one very classy, the other edgy and unique
High Councillor's: purple/black and classy
Royal: Royal blue of course
Imperial Red: vest variant of the set, quite unique looking


Ornate: beautiful silver/gold w/ shield & cloak (one of my favorites!)
Skettis: rosey colored detailed set w/ weapon and 2 shield choices
Crusader's: silver (blue hued) & gold w/ cloak, back in stock
Knight's: silver-grey w/ weapon
Sundered: teal/purple Embrace your inner Barbie while you kill pixel baddies!
Warmonger's : bronze and quite detailed
Lord's:classic Gold
Raider's: there is no helm/shoulder model with this set, I have good options available
Champion: white/brown w/ shield, very "manly" looking set
Glimmering: gold/red/black shiny-skimpy-sexy
Overlord's: black/grey with Shield
Steadfast: beautiful neutral sexy look w/ shield
wow nice job taking time out to get these lists together looks real clean
boobies !
@ Littleknife: Thanks.........I have actually enjoyed it

@Lost: *shakes head* some things never change.....
@Cielos - I have Jade in progress, will keep you updated if my farming is lucky.
Hi, I'm not interested in buying a full set ,however I am looking for a part of a Transmog set.

If you come across Ranger Gloves I'd be willing to buy it off you. It's the last item I need for my Ranger set http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=176 .
great price Great salesman I would highly recommend it I am looking forward to future purchases and Greatly respect this business they have going :)
If you decide you want to farm AQ sets and happen across an Exalted Harness let me know.
Hope those that have contacted me are enjoyingtheir new looks!

@Divine - thanks! you were a fun customer

@Haakkon - can keep my ears open, have not done it much maybe as I get really bored over the summer

All you future pandas I will have many more leather sets complete soon! Keep checking back as I am specifically going towards non-druid looks - have a few that are gonna be just awesome on our new pandas!

If you have a piece that is just bugging you to death to complete your look let me know........I am running out of room!
@Flinch - I have some ranger's sadly no gloves for ya - as always I keep searching :D
@Cielos - I dont have pants - but will be glad to ask around some of my fellow "Barbies"
05/11/2012 03:37 PMPosted by Cheekey
@Cielos - I dont have pants - but will be glad to ask around some of my fellow "Barbies"
More sets added: Sage's (cloth), Mystical (cloth), Bard's (leather), Bloodfist (Plate) also Conqueror's back in stock!

@Cielos have not seen hide nor hair of Jade pants :( will keep it in mind

I have hope (fingers crossed-knock on wood) to complete LOFTY soon, been lucky with it lately! I can't decide if I would let that one go or actually put it on a plate wearer.......oh that would force me to play the warrior again.

As always shoot me a note here or in game

Alliance: Cheekey
Horde: Cheekimunky
I will be updating in the coming days with weapons, offhand, wands, shields. I had not really been paying a lot of attention to them just keeping what I thought was cool or picking up that "oh gotta have it".

Many sets have matching weapons/accessories but there is a growing collection of fierce weapons and delectable accessories looking for a home.
Avenger Sets coming soon!!!! We will be having an Iron man set, Thor set, Captain America set, and the Hulk set (orc only), as well as Poision Ivy, Wonder Women, and Cat Women.
Revenant set is back! List of sets is updated.

Also, wanted to give those new to transmog an idea of where you can see the sets we are talking about. Wowhead has a great database, icy-veins.com has also added a database.

We are happy to work with you on custom sets so long as you have a good idea of the look you are desire, especially now in this slow time. As MOP nears I will have less and less time to do custom work. Of course its completely fine with me if you just let me dress you! :D

Given the work required to complete the AVENGERS sets (yes you can be your favorite super-hero), those will be on a pre-order basis. Get yours now I cannot see us doing more than 1-2 of each.

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