End your MOG frustration - Complete sets !

More leather than ever!

Are you fashion ready for MOP?
bump in style
Saltstone and Lofty are now complete. I'm trying to be excited......lot of work in MoG.
Bumb.....Love the set prices they were fair and not overly priced like the AH...Thanks so much!!!!! <3
Steadfast w/ shield.........Will have Lofty Tyrant's and Vanguard back soon! Jade......did I mention Jade also!

Get yours saved before the rush as players return and level; as my "collecting" time will be greatly curtailed at release of MoP and the stuff will just all go mass AH spread between ally and horde.

Selection of matching weapons, shields, wand......just ask probably have it :D

Leather........lots of unique pieces hanging around. If you have a set or look you are going for let me know I can probably help.
Full Glorious.....yep all of it. Even an offhand if you like :D
Hey this is the DK that was talking to you please whisper Beanbagtdown when you get back on I want to talk to you about a set. TY
ok headed into mop you know your gonna get tired quick of the fu man choo look - time for mog
Do you still collect sets? I'm desperately looking for pieces from the mail Merciless set :)

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